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Flutters Lock Rss

I am in the TWW and i have felt some weird sensations just above my pelvic bone. Has anyone ever felt this??
Also my BBs are soo sore and i am so hungary and tired. I am due for AF next friday.
Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance,

Jenni, DD 30.08.98 DS 29.10.04 DS 23.02.07 EDD 05

Hi Jeni, i have had this too - im not much help as i haven't fallen yet but the sore boob thing - yip straight after Ov i can hardly stand the pain and can't lay on them, can't go bra less (im a 12b so not too big) as for the flutter yip got that too - but in saying that you want to hear from women who have concieved not from me........8 months later still trying:) Good luck:)
I've had the flutters and the sore boobs and sad to say that this isn't a great indication of pregnancy. If you are preg then you won't feel any baby movement until you are at least past the 14 week mark and you can get sore boobs when your body is getting ready for AF.

TTC means that you are more in tune with what is going on with your body hence why you are noticing all these changes... unfortunately all you can do wait... and wait... and wait... and hopefully the TWW will come and go and the next countdown will be your EDD!

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