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I ahd an emergency c section when i had my daughter(almost 3 years ago) sometimes my scar gets really tender, does anyone know if this is going to be a problem when i fall pregnant again, and also when you've had 1 caeser can you give birth naturally????
thanks any help would be greatly appreciated

Hi Miah's mum,

I have had 2 C-Sections and in October will be having my 3rd, I actually have 2 scars at present as they cut me in 2 different places and I find they still get tender, my last one was done just over 2yrs ago and now that I"m 20 weeks pregnant I often feel tender and a bit of pressure there and sometimes still it get itchy. But everyone is different so I'm unsure whether your's will be sore when you are pregnant.

If your next pregnancy goes well there is no real reason why they wouldn't let you have a natural birth as I have known a few friends that had CS for 1st but natural for 2nd, they just keep an eye on you during the labour to make sure your scar is okay. Unfortunetly for myself I was unable to try natural the 2nd time around as I suffer High BP so I was high risk so C-Sections are my only option in this situation.

My OB told me that I can have a 'natural' delivery after 1 c-section but if I have 2 c-sections then the third and consecutive deliveries will have to be c-sections also.

Hi Miah'sMum

I had an emergency c section in Oct 03 for my first baby and am pregnant with my third and throughout this and my last pregnancy my scar has been very itchy but never tender or sore. I was lucky enough to be able to deliver vaginally the second time around but was strictly monitored through labour. I am proof that it is possible in some cases but not all. It would probably depend on various factors including why you had to have the c section the first time. It is best to talk to your ob/doc to see what your options are. It shouldn't be a problem with a pregnancy when it has been 3 years since your c section.

Hope this helps

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