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2WW symptoms Lock Rss

Hi all just wondering if anyone has experienced pregnancy symptoms from early as from ovulation i have been cramping since ovulation and my pee is fluro yellow at 4dpo (TIM) increased eating at 5 dpo, have tested at 10 dpo was neg tested at 13 dpo neg again.
what are my chances????????


Anita, Qld, 14mth dd,3 ds,6 dd,10 ds,12 dd,13yo sd

Hi mumof6,
Im not sure if i can even help you but i just thought id tell you that iv had these symptoms a few times before especially the fluro wees!smile but i was either not pregnant or the egg did not implant:(
I have got the same symptoms all over again! so i hope that this is a good sign for us:)smilesmile
Did you get anything like this with your last pregnancies???

Hear from you soon...

From Amber:)

Amber, DS Bailey 09/03/04 & DS Astin 04/07/07

well l had a very faint line 2 days before my AF was due, it was so faint that l thought my eyes where playing tricks but about a week after that l finaly got a good positive line, you need to check again on the day your due for AF or day after if AF has not paid a visit.
l hope this helps and fingers crossed smile for you and everyone else TTC.
Hugs kelly from morwell

kelly 32 - 5 girls, new bubs due 1st feb 07

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