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planning to have a little girl Lock Rss

i would like some advice on how to plan to have a little girl i have had to little boys and i think it is now time to have a little girl , i no that it is a gift from god and i respect that but i rerally would love to have a little girl if u have got any tips for me and tell me what to do that would be really fantastic
I have a little girl and can only put it down to timing. I've heard if you have sex a couple of days after ovulation it will be a boy, if you have sex just before or just on ovulation it should be a girl. We worked out our dates and it was spot on. My husband also cut down on alcohol and junk food also.

Louise, Brisbane Qld. Mum to Ella and Luca

If you want to find out all the hints and tips on planning a certain gender please email me [email protected] and I will send you some info.


It is NOT just about timing.
I read your list of recommended supplements, and have bought a few. I've been TTC for a few months. As much as I've read about gender determination with ph of environment and timing, I've never found anyone who could answer this: How is it possible to have boy-girl fraternal twins? A very neutral environment?

We have b-g twins and are hoping to add a boy to our family. Our son is the one with the bunk beds. smile


From what I know about boy/girl twins or fraternal twins (Dizygotic) they come from two fertilized eggs. Either two eggs are released or there is more than one ovulation (have you ever heard of spontaneous ovulation?
Both eggs are fertilized and you have fraternal twins. This can happen with or without fertility drugs. Fraternal twinning is passed on as a genetic trait and appears in the women only. If your mother has given birth to fraternal twins, your chances of doing so are increased. If you have a brother, his chances are not increased but it he has a daughter, her chances would be increased.

Fraternal twins can be conceived on separate occasions and even by different fathers.

I have already got two wonderful little boys. My eldest is 5 and my youngest is two and a half but now I'm so wanting a little girl. I just love my boys but I feel that there will be something missing if I don't have a little girl. I believe that God is the determing factor but If we can help in this process why not. Please help me because it is my hearts desire to have a little girl.Thankyou very much.
I too have two beautiful boys - 3y9m and 18m. I would really love to have a girl too. I have had my lunar chart done and I have been charting for a while. This is our first month of trying and wouldn't you know, but all my mucus is so hard to read this month and I am now so confused. I have modified my diet - drinking heaps of milk and eating lots of yoghurt and eggs. I haven't been taking any supplements though. If anyone has any tips that they used successfully, I'd love to hear them.

Sarah, WA, 2DS, now Trying for a Girl

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