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How long after a cesarean?? Lock Rss

I was wondering whether anyone knows how long u should wait after u have a cesarean.

I might be pregnant again. As my period is 10 days late.

Has anyone had a cesar then fallen pregnant again rather quick?


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I was told by my obs to wait a good 12mths before TTC again after having a CS just to give your body time to recover and heal properly. But I have heard of other woman falling in a much quicker time after a CS, so best to check maybe with your dr/obs and see what they say and if you are already pregnant I suppose they'll just have to keep an eye on you especailly when you get bigger and the pressure on your scar etc.


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I fell pregnant when my oldest was around 7.5-8 months old and had a caesar the first time around. I had no problems whatsoever through my pregnancy. The hospital told me I should wait twelve months and my doctor told me 6 months is plenty of time to heal.

Hope this helps

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I had an emergency c section and just went to see my ob for the six week check up. Our little girl died of a heart defect after we came home. We are still keen to be parents and I know that having another bub wont bring Olivia back. I thought the dr would tell me I'd have to wait 6-12 months, which is what I've read on here, but he really suprised me and said we could start trying again as soon as I felt okay, both physically and emotionally. He said that if I wasn't in any pain with my scar and I didn' t have any trouble with moving around and getting back to normal activites then there is no reason why we can't get back on the work bench!

I had my c section because Olivia was stuck and wouldn't progress, so he also told me I wouldn' be a good candidate for a VBAC. This might have a bit to do with it. Have a c section 2nd time around they worry about you tearing during labour and stuff??

Hope this helps.

Good Luck!!
I have a 4 and a half month old little girl and we are now planning our third. All my babies are born via c-sec and the Dr said it was ok to start trying now. I fall pregnant easy (1month for my first) but the Dr says even if we get pregnant this cycle everything will be fine. According to him 3months is a good time to wait depending on the way the scar runs (mine run across).
Hope this helps.

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I asked my obstetrician that question and he said the scar only needs three months to heal so even if you fall preggas a matter of weeks after the c-section you've still got 9 months worth of healing. Individual health and fitness might play a role as well but if you look after yourself I'm sure there won't be a problem.

Good luck

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