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I have just found out this morning that attempt number 3 has been unsuccessful with trying to conceive our second baby. I'm thinking that this month we might try to use an ovulation kit. I have used them before and maybe baby, and the fern thingy, and temperature charts and fluid readings etc. We had a little bit of trouble falling with baby number one. Three years worth of trouble. What products have you guys used that you think actually helped you to conceive your babies. I never really found the ovulation kits that conclusive but I will try them again. Any suggestions would be great.


Karen, NSW, 1 baby girl

Hi Karen,
Sorry to hear you have had no luck in TTC as yet. We tried for 8mths TTC for our 3rd with no luck then finally I decided to go out and get an ovulation kit as a few people recommended using them, I bought the "Fortel Brand" test kit and I got a positive read on the test over the 5 days I tested and I fell pregnant smile so for me it worked well, I'm now due to have this baby in 9 weeks time, can't wait smile
Goodluck trying and I wish you well.

Hi there,

You might have already tried this, but I thought I'd mention it. I got preggers first go using the billings method. They have a pretty good web page to give a look at it.

I found a book in Dymocks on it called "the billings method". It was the best $25 I've spent. No kits to worry about.

We lost our first daughter to a heart defect when she was 15 days old, so i've already started charting again for the next try.

I found it really easy and natural thing to follow, and it made heaps of sence for me.

Good Luck, I'm sure it will only be a matter of time!!

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