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TTC in September Rss

hi guys i thought i would start an ttc in september forum early. feel free to join
Hi Tracy,

My hubby and I will definitely be TTC in September after 3 failed months already. We are trying for number 2 so it doesn't feel quite as desparate to fall as the last time but it would still be nice if it happens this month. My DD just turned one in August and I would really love them to be pretty close in age so fingers crossed.

Goodluck to all those who join this thread who are also trying to conceive their little miracles.


Karen, NSW, 1 baby girl

Hi Tracy,

AF is due around 13th September, if I dont get a BFP this time we will be trying again!!

I really hope this month is lucky for all if us...

Lets all share our ups & downs with each other!!

Baby dust to all : )

Talk soon

Hi Ladies,

DH and I have been TTC #1 now for 5 months. I have read many books for ideas to increase the chances of conceiving but I have still had no luck. Maybe we are trying too hard!

Goodluck to everyone hoping for a BPF this month!!


Peta, VIC - DD born 6/7/07

Hi ladies
Hubby and i are ttc# 2( Kai is nearly 14 months) so hopefully september will be the lucky months for all of us

goodluck everyone:)


Hi everyone ; )

Has anyone tried Billings??

Just thought I might add another suggestion that I haven't seen on the forums yet. I went off the pill in November 2004. We didn't want to have a bundle of joy until after we got the wedding out of the way in June 2005. We used the billings method to avoid getting preggers until we started trying on our honeymoon (which was sept/oct 2005). We started trying on our honeymoon and were lucky to hit the jackpot. As soon as my bleeding stopped after having a c section I started charting again, and we are all set to have a go for my next cycle, which is still a little while away, AF is due between the 8th and the 10th of Sept. So I think I'll be fertile again towards the end of September.

Doing billings for us has been a really positive experience for us. All you have to is (sorry for the overshare) check your mucus during the day, like before going to the toilet, and charting the result. When your mucus shows signs of fertility then bd you little heart out.

Like I said before, we have been using it for a while now, since nov 2004 and we have not had a problem at all. Its a totally natural concept, and doesn't cost any money (unless you buy the book!)

I've seen the book on the shelf at dymocks everytime I've been in there, in the preggers section its a purple book and I think its called the billings ovulation method, its about $25. There is a web page too.

Its a method the world health organisation is behind and it is taught in third world countires where their medical technlolgy is very limited.

Just a suggestion for anyone who is stuck in a rut and wants to give something different a go.

Good Luck everyone..... This will be my first cycle at ttc #2 and I'm so excited!!
Hi all,
Good luck to everyone. We have been trying for 8 months now. Hope this is our lucky month. Don't quite understand what's wrong with us. It took us 5 months for the 1st one. We're trying for number 2. Only God knows.
Good luck to all.


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