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Trying to fall pregnant while breastfeeding Lock Rss

Hello everyone,

I have a 14 month old son who i breastfeed 3 - 4 times a day and have had a regular period now for 7 months but i am finding it difficult to conceive.

This puzzles me as many woman fall pregnant while still breastfeeding toddlers and i fell pregnant with Riley very easily but i feel that it could only be the breastfeeding making it harder this time.

Anyone who has fallen pregnant or has had trouble falling pregnant while breastfeeding please reply. Thanks

Jess, mum of 3

Hi Jess86,

I am b/f my 9 month ols DD ant the moment and i'm about 7 weeks pregnant, i think. I heard that it was pretty easy to fall pg when b/f, but i didn't think it was going to happen for me.

Do you mind me asking if AF has paid you a visit since you had Riley? That might be what's stopping you if she hasn't been.

If she has, go and see your GP and tell them they maybe able to tell you why your not conceiving.

Loads of baby dust heading your way

Nic smile

Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

Myself and a friend both fell pregnant while breastfeeding when our first were 9-10 months old. Hers was planned, I have trouble planning anything. Both of us found we had to give up the breastfeeding around 10-12 weeks( first bubs were around 12 months) as it was too painful & mine also self weaned at this stage. Another friend fell pregnant when her first was 2-3 months as she thought Bf was adequate contraception.
Best of luck


Hello, I would dearly love to fall pregnant also. I'm currently feeding my 9 month old DD, 4 times a day and sometimes through the night. I fed my first DD till she was 12.5 months and got AF back when she was 9 months then fell pregnant 1st time. I'm getting really impatient as I havn't got AF back yet this time round. I know DD #2 has only just turned 9 months but I would really like to be tracking my ovulation this time to try for a boy. With both my daughters we just tried from the end of AF every day up until ovulation, hence two daughters.

Good Luck to everyone TTC. I'll keep praying for all of us.

Emeilia 24.06.04, Holly 13.12.05 #3 due 21.11.07

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