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Should we try so soon! Lock Rss

I was hoping to get some opinions! My baby girl Jada is 9 weeks old, and my doctors have actually told me, that if we want another to do it quickly, as I have a medical condition totally unrelated to pregnancy, and they want to start me on treatment, but the treatment could affect fertility!
I realise that it is important to take Dr's advice etc, but I'm worried about so many factors, like how would I cope: being pregnant with a baby???, having two so close together etc etc etc???

Can I get some advise please, especially from mothers who have children close together, how did you cope?
Please help, I don't know what to do!


Amy & daughters Jada 10/07/06, Alana 07/04/08

The choice is always yours. Talk to as many people as you can and speak to as many people as possible who have children 18 months or closer.
When two babies are close it is really busy for at least the first six months but then things do get easier. A second pregnancy is always tougher than the first as you do not have time for yourself but if yours are realy close then you will not be having to run after a toddler( don't encourage the first to walk before they're ready as it will be even harder if you have to chase while trying to feed!- my first did not walk for the first five months after her brother was born so it was not too hard)
It is tough in the first trimester being pregnant with another baby but lots of people survive and do it repeatedly! Just get as much rest as possible and keep your diet healthy. Get help whenever you can while the babies are little- once the younger one is over 15 months they will generally play more and more together. A close gap means they will always have a playmate- they may be good friends they may just play with each other only when it suits them but they will keep each other company.(all siblings will fight regardless of an age gap)
Best of luck with your decision.


my son is 5months old and we are contemplating going again i just dont no how i will handle it my husbands not much help but alot of people do it even with medical problems
Hi Amy,
My sister has 2 kids which are 10months apart and she does not cope at all (she has trouble coping with just the 1). Her partner isnt much help though and this is the main problem.
Being a new mum things will seem a little hard at the moment but it does get easier. If u really want another baby then i would do it now before the treatment possibly takes the choice from u. I think u and ur partner should sit down and both talk about wat use want and ur fears and feelings and if u decide to try again u need to discuss how u are goin to work together.
I hope it all works out for u

Baby Kaleb 1 years old

Hi Amy,

Your situation is a little more unique than most with your other medical condition that requires treatment. If you have a dedicated and helpful partner than it is probably worth considering. I guess the biggest question of all is do you really want to be a three or four person family. If there is a risk to your fertility and down the track it becomes impossible for you to have the second one will you really regret it? Only you can answer that question. Things will be very tough with two babies so close in age but just think of the double joy and pleasure they will bring you also.

Karen, NSW, 1 baby girl

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