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Another Baby? Rss

I feel I want another baby! I like the pregnancy (untill the end) I do not get morning sickness or nothing like that - I like the idea of another child but have 2 already and I only wanted 2 but am aching for another child but I dont know how I would handle 3 2 is enough already and my baby is only 6 months old.
Does this sound weird and has any one gone through this dilema let me know your thoughts - To get pregnant again or not.


Hi well i have a 21mth old lil girl and a 9week old lil boy and i said after my DS no more 2 is enough to handle.
But then i think how joyful and wonderful it is to be pregnant and feel that baby move inside of you and all that stuff i also enjoyed both my pregnancies and didnt have to many hassles But then i think about labour and do i really want to go through that again or not.
My partner and i decided on 2 but now we talk about a third down the track abit. Somedays i want another and then other days dont so will just wait and see what happens a couple of years down the track as i have just been today to get an IUD put in so wont be getting pregnant anytime soon unless i get it taken out. I also think if i do want another baby i dont want to have to much of a age gap between 2 and 3 as there is only 19 mths between the first 1 and 2.So how old is your first?
anyway you arnt the only one that thinks like that i also do anyway hope this helps takecare Nat.
Hi thanks for the reply its like you can see inside my head. My daugter is 3yrs and 2months old My son is 6 months old
I lean towards yes then i think about labour sleepless nights teething wind and nappy rash and then i think NO MORE NO WAY but when you remember their 1st smile 1st laugh big cuddles and kisses the wonderful pregnancy and the post labour feeling as you hold your baby 4 the first time after MONTHS AND MONTHS of waiting!
I dont know what to do no decisions as yet!


Hi Proud Mum

I was like you, I only ever wanted two kids. My first two are 12mths apart. When my second was 8mths old, I had decided that I really wanted another child. I never thought I would want more than two, but my heart was aching for another baby. I fell pregnant within a month and lost the baby at 18wks, but fell again later in the year. I am due to have my third child sometime in the next three weeks.

My second and third child will be 2yrs apart. I just want to say to you, that even though your baby is only 6mths old, you know within yourself if you want another baby or not, and if you do, just go for it. Don't listen to all the negative comments you get (if you get any).

Good luck with your decision. I hope we get to hear news that you are going to have a third. If your aching for another baby, you will cope having a third child. I will have a 3, 2, and a newborn. I am not worried about coping anymore, because I know I will do it, because I really want this baby.

Good luck again.


QLD DD 2/02 DD 3/03 DD 2/05 Jack 23/3/07

Now I know this is going to sound selfish but I really would like another little girl, I am not sure how I would react to another boy. So I feel I shouldnt get pregnant until I am happy enough to accept whatever God gives me. This would not be fair on the baby boy if i was to conceive another son I know I would love him but i would dissapointed


Hi again well i do know how you feel as if i was to conceive again i also would like another girl but i also would be happy with a boy if that was the way things were to go.But as i said no more for me yet if we ever do have anymore i dont think i will ever make my mind up lol
Hi there,

I just thought I would add my two cents worth again. I am pregnant with my third and would really love a boy as I have two girls. I have talked myself into it being a girl because if it comes out a girl, then I won't be as disappointed that I didn't get a boy. If I don't get my hopes up on having a boy, then I can't be let down. Either way so long as my baby is healthy, I will be happy in the end.

QLD DD 2/02 DD 3/03 DD 2/05 Jack 23/3/07

hi i think i no what you are going through i have a 9 month old baby and just to pass a new born in its pram makes me cry i am aching so bad to have another one but i have trouble getting pregnant and we were told to start trying again asap but still nothing
I don't think it sounds weird at all. I'm only 13 weeks pg with my second child and already so badly wanting a third. This baby will be my dh's 5th and he is already talking about 'permanent contraception' as he calls it! He is adamant that he wants no more. I find myself getting so very jealous of people who have 3 or 4 kids.

So I understand and if I were you and my dh agreed I'd go for it.

Karen, mum to Gabrielle 1/9/03, #2 edd 24/8/05

hi girlymum how is your pregnancy going. How far are u? Have u found out if u are having a boy or girl yet? I am still deciding i really want another child but I m still unsure. We are happy with 2 hubby said he only wants 2 but will consider it if i want one.


hi proud mum,

pregnancy went fine until the end. I had another little girl delivered by emergency caesar on 13 Feb. Adele Julie weighed 7pd 10oz 51.5cm long. She was 2 1/2 wks early.

It is a hard decision to make, deciding whether to have another child or not, but I was like you, I like the pregnancy thing and I don't really have any problems throughout my pregnancies. I think that is what made my decision for me. I knew within my heart that I wanted just one more child, but would then would go yes/no/yes/no. So in the end I decided that I was pretty lucky to have what I have got already and I was even more lucky to have really easy pregnancies. So that's when I decided to have a third.

I had three under the age of three for 10 days. I still have all the warm fuzzy (as my dh calls them) feelings about all of my girls and I know at times when I was pregnant with Adele, I would think WHY am I doing this, maybe I don't want a 3rd, but now she is here. I know that I made the right choice.

I would have really loved a boy, because I already had the 2 girls, but throughout my pregnancy I just told myself it was a girl and that way when she arrived I wasn't sad or disappointed because that was what I was expecting anyway.

I hope that you can find a way to decide whether or not to have another child. Good luck. It is great too that your husband will consider having another one if you want a child. I know some men that won't even think about the idea.

Good luck again. Lets us know your what you decide.


QLD DD 2/02 DD 3/03 DD 2/05 Jack 23/3/07

Hey thanks for the reply so now u have 3 children do u still have need in your heart for another one or has it gone.

I just wanted know if the feeling goes away or if mothers have that wanting need for the rest of their fertile life?


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