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Hi there, I am asking for advice for a girlfreind of mine who has just been told her partner has a low sperm count and will find it nearly impossible to have a child. She has to go through IVF, so if anyone has any advice or a miracle story to tell, or has been through a similar experience that I could pass on to her, I would really appreciate it. At the moment she is finding it hard to accept but I want to know if there is hope for her as this is all she has ever wanted in life. Thank you.

Nicole NT

Hey there, I have a mate who is in a very similar prediciment! when they got married five years ago, the found out her husband would never be able to father kids! So they remained positive, and decided to find a sperm donor.

So march 2003, she found out she was pregnant! and both were over the moon, and she gave birth to a most beautiful little boy in October that year. (NOW DONT pass this bit on to her) unfortunately after a rather great pregnancy, this baby died twelve hours later, thru complications from birth, so in retrospect, this couldve happened to anyones baby, and was in no way couteractive of the conception.

That pregnancy took 3 attempts, which is pretty good, and she is now pregnant with her second child (12 weeks) and this time it only took one attempt. She had to take hormone pills for both attempts, but her and her husband were able to choose their sperm donor, and luckily have been able to use him for this pregnancy, so all her kids when she has more, haahah will have full blooded connections.

Hope all goes well with your mate, they have to remain positive, and if they really want this, it is within their reach, but the longer they leave it, the harder it could get.!!!

Hope this helps Love Kel and mckenzie xoxoxox

Mckenzie Cate 28/7/04 & Lexi Breanne 10/5/07

Hi my ex was kind of like that, but with him it was called sperm antibodys which what that did was it killed the sperm.
I have twins that are 6yrs old and a 21 month old and all were conceived through IVF with micro injection. Although this is very expensive it only took me 3 attempts to fall pregnant 2 times and my age didnt help as the first time I was 35 and now nearly 41.
There is hope for them and best advice is to tell them not to stress and be more relaxed.
Contact me if you wish [email protected]

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