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Pregnant already?... Lock Rss

My partner and I will be actively trying to concieve NEXT year, but could i be pregnant already?!?!?!

WARNING: this gets a bit graphic.

We did the deed unprotected a few weeks ago, it wasnt meant to go as far as it did, but in the heat of the momment my partner got a little carried away!!

i thought with the dates it was safish, i was about 9days away from predicted ovulation (PREDICTED not confirmed) I have just bought a fertile microscope which shows you when you ovulate, but i started using it after the 'incident' and i never saw ovulation.

Now my period is due in another five days, and yesterday i had a VERY light pink discharge, i assumed maybe my period was going to arrive early, but then today NOTHING!

So I am thinking MAYBE implantation bleeding, it really wouldnt be great timing as we wanted to wait until after our wedding in January, but atleast we know we most definatley want another baby smile

i never had/noticed implantation with my first baby so maybe this is not it...well its a waiting game i guess! will period arrive or not...

It possibly could be implantation bleeding. I didn't have any bleeding with my first but I did have bleeding with my second. The no bleeding with the next two.

I know you wanted to wait til after your wedding, but at least if you are pregnant already you won't be too far along when your wedding day arrives. I was 3months pregnant when I got married. I think it made my wedding day even more special (if it can get more special).

Good luck and let us know how you go.

Take care.

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Hello again, I'm the other 'stupid' one who was talking to you about the microscope. ( Thanks again.) Hear I am again with similar questions as you. I'm pretty sure I ovulated on Saturday, though I'm not sure as I didn't figure out the silly ovulation microscope till yesterday, thanks to your reply, and today I've had a little bit of bleeding. I havn't had my period back since DD2 was born as I'm still breastfeeding but have been tracking CM and cervix position over the last 2 weeks, also did a packet ovulation pee test and that turned up positive on Friday just gone. So lets assume I ovulated on Saturday, why am I bleeding now, ( really only spotting,) I know implantation can be light spotting but an egg can't be fertilised and implant in 4 days, it takes 7 -10. Your story sound like it could be implantation, the dates work out a little better. I didn't get implantation bleeds with my daughters however I did get my 1st period on it's due date with both, only lightly though. Maybe you ovulated earlier and fell pregnant 2 weeks ago and this is your period, ( don't worry if it is plenty of people bleed and have healthy babies, with my second daughter I bled two times lightly and at 10weeks heavily and she was fine.) I guess you'll just have to wait a few more days, try a pregnancy test. Good ones pick up HCG levels from the time of implantation.

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Personally, i had an implantation bleed with my DD. I didn't know it was at the time but it was light spotting. Nothing too heavy.

Also, there is a theory that girl sperm can last longer in the Vagina/Cervix etc than male sperm (or maybe its vice versa) But the point is, whichever sex it is, can last from 5 up to 7 days (in some cases).

Not saying your wrong with your dates, but even if you were a few days out, then it could be possible you are pregnant!

My best friend used a Home Pregnancy Test just a week and a half (or so maybe it was 2 weeks) It came back as a positive and she had twin boys. (Not that im saying your having twins!) But as the other poster said, those tests pick up the hormone level which is ONLY in your body if you are pregnant.

Oh, and my bestie was 4mnths preggers when she got married. I'm sure you will look fantastic if you are pregnant! And will make your day just that little bit more special!

Best of luck and let us know how you go xxx

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