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How do you fall pregnant with a number two Lock Rss

Hi there,Belinda,
an up date with me it that iam sad to say there is still no luck but i am ahgging in there i spole to my gyno and he said on these Clomiphene tablets it take time it take two to three mths before they get you regular again and start to ovulate.. He said that i had ovulated last mth and it was good news i will see him again in thre mths and if not before if iam exspecting ? He gives me hope and said hang in there things take time so i have decided to hang in there and not stress to much and take our time and enjoy me and my little ones i have and my hubby.. Take care and i would love to stay in touch with you and your progress too.

Kathy..... loving mother... smile
Hi Lisa, I have 5 children now. I live in Qld. I fell pregnant with my second when my first was just 4 months old. I was exclusively feeding too, gut nature took a different course to what I thought, and before you know it, your pregnant. It's all good though. My first 2 are boys and they are the best of friends.
i have been trying since i had my first 10 months ago and still nothing.i didnt breast feed so i dont know what is going on?
Hi there,

I know it has been a while since this was posted and maybe your circumstances have changed, but I just wanted to add that I think some times it is the luck of the draw. I had 2 miscarriages in a row before I conceived my daughter (now 12 months old). When my daughter was 10 months we decided to try for number 2... and bingo it happened the first time we tried. I am almost 11 weeks pregnant and due to have baby number 2 in July 2004.

Congratulations Maddy!

I'm excited too!! I've just found out I'm pregnant with number two!!!!!!!!!!!
After all that time.. wow! Now Yipee!
Six or seven weeks.
In the end I thought... well, if it happens, then it was meant to be.
So thanks all!
I haven't seen the Baby Doctor yet.. in a month and we'll get an ultrasound done then too.
I don't think I can wait to see if it'll be a boy or another beautiful girl.
Ahh, blissful.
Maddy, are you going to find out if its a boy or girl? Do you think you'll be more pre-pared for it this time round or take it easy and slowly because now, your an experienced mum?

Woohoo, pregnant again!
Hi Valuable,

Many congrats on your second pregnancy! smile
I have confused you by my author name (Maddy - Madeleine, is my daughter & Chelle - Michelle is me) I am 2 days shy of being 12 weeks pregnant with my second and all seems to be going well. I will definatley be finding out the sex at the 20 week scan, can't wait all that time to find out! I have a beautiful 13 month old daughter and don't mind what the sex of this baby is, but my husband would love a son. I do feel a bit more prepared this time in the sense that I know a bit more about what to expect. But I am just taking it easy, listening to my body and going with the flow. I am sure I can feel my baby moving already, its a kind of bumping inside me feeling. I am just starting to get excited properly, because of my miscarriage history around the 9 week mark twice it held me back until now, but am feeling a lot more positive.

So what will be age the age difference between your 2? Mine will be 19 moths!!! Would love to hear more from you soon.

Congrats again smile Michelle
Hello again Michelle...(Sorry, I did get confused, my appologies for calling you Maddy)
How is you daughter? How is the pregnancy going?
Its terrific that you are having your babes so close together. And your feeling movements already! Wish I was in the same boat...
..Bad news my end, I just lost our next baby. It died in my womb, probably the time I posted that reply to say I was pregnant again. I was so happy then..
Coming to terms with it. You, you poor thing went through it twice. (Was that correct?)
Keep us up to date about it.. when your starting to show, eating more/or less, when you find out the sex.. that will be good.
Stay healthy and post soon.


P.S. My little girl is now 16 months old.

I am so sorry to hear of your loss and would feel terrible to go on about this pregnancy to you unless you really want to hear about it.

Well my daughter is great... 14 months old and so active. She can not only walk, but run!! And she does run... all day!!

My pregnancy is progressing nicely and I am starting to show now. I'm 16 weeks tomorrow actually.

I am booked in for my 18 week scan on March 1st and am looking forward to seeing the baby and finding out the sex... for sure.

I hope that you are coming to terms with your loss, yes I did have 2 miscarriges before my first born, I greived for them too.

Please know you are in my thoughts and I hope you are feeling better soon.

Look after yourself okay,

Michelle smile
Hi Valuable,

I wrote a message here for you yesterday, but the moderated forum hasn't cleared it yet. I hope all is well with you, you are in my thoughts dearest.

Take care okay,


P.S. If my other reply isn't posted in the next few days I will come back and try again.

we fell preggas easy with eilish it only took a few months at most. we've been trying for over 14 months for number two.

Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

Hi there Michelle,

I haven't been online for a few days but I did read your reply just now. Thanks, I am doing better.
Went back to work yesterday wed 18th feb and felt ok about it.
Don't stress about making me uncomfortable talking about your pregnancy. I'll love to hear about it.
Yes, unfortunately horrible things like these happen (Miscarriage) but we must go on. I do understand well, what you went through. Did you have a curet?(I think thats how you spell it) When you sadly lost your two?
I cannot beleive your already through to your 17th week! Time does fly.
Are you popping out quite a bit? Seeing this is your second? Do you remember if you were showing this much, at this stage, when you had your girl?
Are you eating more? Less? How exciting!
I am really happy that everything is going so well for you.
Keep healthy, I cannot wait until we here about if it'll be another girl or boy. Is your daughter understanding your pregnancy?
Take care of yourself and hopefully we'll hear from you soon.


P.S. There is a great site I found for pregnancy info and general knowlege of toddlers you might want to check out, out of interest. It also has other info but I like the Preganancy columns best. its at ""

Congratulations Narelle,

Your first baby is so special, at times you think you don't want another one to take your attention away from them.
Good luck in trying to conceive again for your second. Take it slow, whatever nature throws at you.
Wish you the best.
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