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How do you fall pregnant with a number two Lock Rss

Congrats to everyone who is pregnant with number 2. I am not prignant myself with number 2 as yet (we are planning to start trying in a few months). A

Anyway if anyone is trying to fall pregnant and they would like to work out exactly the best time to try in the month, I found this good website that works out the best date of your cycle to try. Its

I used it for working out when we should try for our first child and I was pregnant within 3 months. I hope this helps.

Karen, Vic, Nicholas 26/10/02

Hi Valuable,

Great to hear from you and to know you are doing better. I am progressing well 17 weeks now and have a nice round belly to sho off, although I haven't put on much weight at all.

With my 2 miscarriages I had x2 D&C's (dilation and curette) proceedures... 1 full day in hospital under a full anaesthetic for each and woke up from yhr proceedure both times crying.

I feel a bit vague as to the comparrison of this pregnancy to my first, but I can say I had much less morning sickness this time round and I feel much better with this pregnancy than I did with my daughter... but that could be for so many reasons.

I have a gut instinct this baby is a boy, probably because this pregnancy feels different, but I could be wrong. I guess we will all know in just over a weeks time.

My daughter seems to have no understanding of mummy's tummy expanding or a baby on the way, she just wants to play rough with mum like she does with dad and tries to climb all over me and jump on me when I am trying to rest.

I know it is pretty hot everywhere, but oh my god the HEAT! It is a fantastic (NOT) 40 degrees here today and I am suffering. I feel sorry for all those heavily pregnant mums right now.

Thankyou for your kindness, excitment and enthusiasm over my pregnancy. I have and will continue to enjoy sharing it with you.

Michelle smile

P.S. I will check out that site you recomended too... thanks.
All the best for your scan today.
I too am due in July o4 and was deptermined to find out the sex. When i went for my 20week scan they were unable to tell me- I was so disappointed.
I hope you have better luck

Sheree, mum to 2 plus 1 on the way (dd 31-5-06)

Hello all,

I had my 18 week scan a few days ago and found out I am having a boy... just as my gut instinct told me. All appeared well in the ultrasound and I saw a very active baby who wanted to play rather than be scanned and measured. It was entertaining to say the least. My husband and I have decided on a name already. We are going to call him William (Billy for short). All going well my little boy is due July 30.

Goodluck to all the other expecting mum's out there.

Haven't heard from you in a while Valuable, hope everything is okay with you.

Michelle smile
My husband an I had the same problem with No. 2 - we tried and tried but just couldn't get pregnant. I knew there was nothing wrong with either of us fertility - wise because it had taken less than a month to fall with No. 1, but it took a complete de - stress to conceive No. 2 - I was getting worked up because we couldn't conceive, and needed to stop trying so hard to conceive. It must have worked, because we were pregnant within 2 months after over a year of trying. Unfortunately, we didn't have the same problem with the third - I got pregnant this time while breastfeeding and on the mini - Pill!!!! Good luck!

Melanie, NSW, 4 year old, 14 month old, one due

Hi again...

Just wanted to come back with an up-date for anyone following this post to say... I am now 23 weeks pregnant and things are going great. My little boy is so active now, kicking and moving around.

Was hoping to hear how things are going with you Valuable...?

Michelle smile
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