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Borderline result!! Lock Rss

Hi, i know i said i was leaving this part of the forum, but i have a question for anyone who may be able to help.
Well, af still had'nt shown up so went for another blood test and it came back "borderline"
has anyone ever got this result and what was the out come???
Doc said to wait another 2 weeks, but i don'nt think i can wait that long!! lol

I have never had a borderline blood test result. Maybe that just means that your hcg levels aren't high enough to confirm that you are yet. Maybe try doing a pregnancy test at home and see what it comes up as.

All I can say is Good Luck, I hope to hear positive news and hope to see more posts from you. It would be great for you to stay on the forum.

Sending positive vibes your way

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YES, mine both times have come up with that, so my doctor neither confirms or denies that I am preggi and have to go back for more blood tests till my HCG levels are high enough to say that yes i am def preggi and both times I have been and have had two healthy babies, so sounds really good to me, I would not do a home test cause if it is like me they come up neg so it gets you down a bit, so sorry you will have to wait for another blood test, why dont you ask if you can do it in a week? so you dont have to wait so long. Good luck, I am really hoping it ends with a awesome outcome smile

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hope all goes really well for u !!!


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