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How long has it taken you ttc? Lock Rss

How long has it or did it take you to conceive your child/ren??

*~*Mummy to Miss Melanie (2) *~*

1st bubs we were lucky enough to be successful first try. We are TTC #2 at the moment and are now onto our 4th cycle... smile

Linda - mum to Riley 13.04.04 (#2 Due 29.12.05)

hi there
we are similar to Rileys mum, we concieved first go with Brad and this is now our second cycle for #2.
good luck smile

Debbie, VIC, Brad 2, Josh 3 Mth

Hi There,

funnily enough we conceived accidently with our first. Now trying for our second baby, this will be our 2rd month.

All the best

my littlepossum 12.09.03, #2 edd 09.02.06

Hi there,
we were trying for around 3 months, then i conceived and miscarried, about 4-5 months after that we conceived this baby.

Sarah, Vic, Jai born 19-7-05 smile

Congratulations Sarah, you must be so excited! I guess it takes alot of patience and perserverance to concieve......

my littlepossum 12.09.03, #2 edd 09.02.06

With Jordan we said we would try 1 time and if I fell pregnant it was meant to be, but if I didn't we would wait 6 months and try again.

4 weeks after our "1 time" I was holding a positive pregnancy test.

Second time around I charted my ovulation for 6 months to make sure I had it down so we could try for a girl. The plan was to start at the very outside of pre-ovulation and move 1 day closer every month (should have taken 4 months to fall by these calculations) but again a few weeks after the 1st attempt I was holding that positive test.

I think my charting skills leave a lot to be desired smile
hi, i to have been charting my ovulation as we are wanting a girl this time around as we have 2 boys,
i think i got the timing right as I ovulated 2-3 days later, so fingers crossed, when do you find out if its a girl? please let me know how you went,

Hopefully in 4 weeks or so I will have another ultrasound, and I will find out.

I do have a "feeling" that it is another boy though.

We tried what was meant to be 5 days before ovulation, so something doesn't quite add up there smile
With my first pregnancy(miscarried) we fell by accident. We then decided that we would try to conceive again 6 months down the track and 3 months later I found out I was pregnant with Robert.

This time we would ultimately like to conceive in April (would love another Jan baby) although we have been trying for some 3-4 months now.

Fingers crossed!!!!!!


Robert (31 Jan 04) & Jeremy (7 Dec 05 @30 weeks)

hi there.,
it took us 7 mths to concieve, although we weren't really heavily " trying", like i wasn't charting my ovulation as such, we didn't want the stress. we thouhgt when its the right time it would happen, so we just didn't use contraception. and voila!! we r having a baby boy due in 12 weeks YAY!!!
hope everyone is well!!

Hi All,

I have been on the pill (without a break) for 10 years (I am 26). I stopped in the June and my last period was in August.

I was really nervous that it may take ages because of how long I was on the pill for. But it didn't. The key is to RELAX, I think anyway. Don't put too much pressure on yourself.

Mandy, VIC, Mum of Hayley Born 02.06.05

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