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Lunar fertility Lock Rss

Does anyone know about lunar fertility - and what are your thoughts on this? According to it, it's possible to spontaneously ovulate at the time when the moon/sun are at the same angle as when you were born, and doing the deed at this time may trigger ovulation - thus giving you possibly two times in a month you could fall preg. Apparently it explains why some women fall pg at the wrong times of the month (eg, just after AF, etc). I know 3 people who believe in it ... what do you guys think? Is it just a scam?Or something worth looking into? Sounds a bit kooky, i know! And you have to pay to get a 1yr calendar of your own personal lunar fertility dates....

Sherri, mum to Ella Bella Baby Bear ~ 21.01.05

hey sherri

TC was only just saying that she thinks she ovulated twice this month..... so yeah definitely I think you could ovulate twice in the month & at really odd times........ but as for lunar fertility...... my personal opinion is I really really think it is a huge scam....... don't waste your money on it ........

The only things that effect your ovulation are your hormones......... not the moon etc.....

If you believe in it... fine... but I truely believe its a big scam !!!

no offense intended in the above, just something I strongly don't believe in..... I hate seeing people getting their money ripped off them !!

Shell, DS 23/1/06 & DD 11/9/07 WA

I knew with all 8 of my pregnancies. Burping is the dead giveaway that I'm pregnant, without a fail, every single time, if I start burping around the time I'm due - then I'm knocked up. However this may not be a good thing considering, I'm yet to hold a living breathing bubba in my arms. Maybe the time I DON'T know I'm knocked up and then later find out I am will deliver me a viable pregnancy, who knows, I don't anymore.
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