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Does it take longer to conceive the second time round? Rss

I fell pregnant with my daughter very quickly- within just a few days of TTC.

I was just wondering, does it generally take longer to conceive the second and third, etc. child???

Katie, VIC, Aaliyah Kaylee born 28/11/06 & Mikayla

hey katie
it took us nearly 2 years to fall pregnant with our son, so we decided to start ttc number2 a little bit earlier and i was pregnant with in our first months of trying.


For my first child i tryed for about 7 months before it happened, but with this pregnancy i fell pregnant the one time we weren't safe. I think it just depends on your body and diet e.t.c. Usually it happens when you least expect it.

Jazzy,QLD,Boy4,Girl 1

Hi Katie,
The first time took 3 months which I lost and I started TTC straight away and it took another 3 months to fall pregnant with my now 11 month old DD..
We started trying for #2 in December and I fell pregnant in the first month.
So for me it was easier this time. It might have been because I was not too focused on falling pregnant, thinking that it would take a few months.. We were both very surprised (but over the moon) that it happenend so quickly.. smile

Hi Katie,

For us it was first month of TTC for both. It is rather scary that we're so fertile... but we are thankful for it.

It makes me realise how careful we have to be in the future when we are not TTC and have completed our family.

All the best.

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