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first signs of pregnancy Lock Rss

Did anyone think they were pregnant immediately after they conceived? If yes, how did you know? I think I am pregnant after starting work on our 2nd baby on Monday night and my DH thinks I've lost it!
Hi Pedro. You sound just like I was 2 weeks ago. I am now 6wks pregnant with our 2nd baby and I could tell I was after one week!! We had only tried twice in the week (before and after conception) and I knew strait away as my boobs were tingly (similar to the feeling when you breastfeed, or your milk is coming etc). After 3 weeks i could tell by the feelings in my lower belly etc. So when I did the test - it proved it. My partner thought the same as yours! ha. Good luck and I hope you are pregnant. Let me know how it turns out. Is your other child a boy or girl?

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