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Where oh where has our old thread gone....... Anyway, I thought I'd start afresh. Calling all our lovely ladies who are preparing to TTC in June/July for bub number 2! I know you are all out there, but are having trouble loggin in or finding your user name or you fell asleep waiting for the forum screens to load LOL! Anyway, I hope that you are all well and are getting excited as June rapidly approaches.

Hugs, kisses and baby wishes to you all

[Edited on 18/05/2007]

Hi Eloise,
I can't wait until June! Well the earliest I want to be due is March so that means I can start trying very late May. I'm currently on day 29 off my first cycle since coming off the pill so I'm hoping it comes really late so that I only have 1 more AF until we can start TTC. Otherwise I have to wait for this one and 2 more. Not that I will fall preg straight away most likley but I just don't want to risk that happening cos I don't want tp be due in summer.
Lets hope everyone finds there way back here.
Hi... Im so excited about TTC#2 in june/july/august whenever it happens really LOL! Mt little man turns 1 on the 25th of June so we will start actively trying after that. I just cant wait to be preggers again i would love a may or another june baby but not fussed at all. I only finished breast feeding last week and am eagerly waiting for my a/f to arrive so i can keep track of my cycle again, stilll havnt had a/f since DS was born.

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Karina =)

Hi Karina,

I hope your AF turns up really soon. Mut be nice not having it for that long. I could only breastfeed for 3 weeks so mine was back very quickly. Hopefully June etc comes around really quickly. I originally planned to start TTC in July but it keeps being brought early as I'm so desperate but don't want a summer baby. So I'm now up to late May onwards.

Take Care

Hey girls,

Its nice to company in this thread again. I can feel the excitment building, its not long to go now! I would love an autumn bub. What is really a revelation to me is how keen I am. I didnt really like being pregnant last time and DD's first 3months were quite difficult for me BUT I CANT WAIT TO DO IT ALL AGAIN! Bring on June...

Hi girls,

Well my all of my TTC in june/july/august plans have gone out the window because i have just found out im preggers with #2 due on New Years Eve!!!! Guess the breastfeeding was holding off ovulation and as soon as i stopped i fell pregnant. Still a bit shocked but excited and looking foward to it all the same. Goodluck for everyone else, will keep you all updated.

Take Care

Hi Wella,
Its great that your so excited again now! I'm the same..can't wait to TTC and I had a pretty tough 6 months with Kyla but yeh all ready again! I was originally gonna start TTC in July but I keep bringing it closer!

Hi Karina,

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Thats fantastic news! What an exciting time to be due. Were u early or late with Izaak?
Take Care!

OOOhhhh Karina, what wonderful news!!!! Congratulations! Has the shock worn off yet????

Hey Kel, yeah I am soooooo excited. I have even started to read the diary bits of "UP THE DUFF" again. I just love being a mummy. Hope the next year will be a breeze for Kyla to make up for the last 6months.


Hi Eloise,

LOL I have started reading all my books etc as well. Even borrowed some from the libarary today but I love reading anything to do with pregnancy and birth and babies so...
It was the 1st 6 months Kyla was difficult with sleeping etc. She's 19 months now and an absolute joy! Shes gonna be the best big sister.
I think you and I live close together unless its someone else I'm thinking off. Be cool if we were preg at the same time!
Take Care

Hi Kel,

Oh wouldnt it be awsome! Id love to have someone to share the whole preggie thing with. Most of my friends are only having bubs now that Cameron is 18months old. I dont know how she will go being a big sister as she doesnt like me holding our friends' bubs. Gets quite jealous, hahaha.

My most recent baby book is by Deepak Chopra called Enchanted Beginnings, Enchanted Lives. Quite an interesting read actually - very spiritual. Dont know if Im disciplined enough to follow their recommendations though.

Hi Eloise,

It would be awesome. I'm the same. I have 1 friend who is preg now and due in about 6 weeks but no more are at that stage of their lives yet. Except for playgroup mums of course...2 of them are preg.
LOL I held a little bub the other week and Kyla whinged a bit but she loves babies and looking at my baby mags etc.
Hmm I haven't heard of that book. Might have to look it up tmw seeing I work in a book shop.
Hi Girls,

Shock is starting to wear off now but still cant help to lmao everytime i remember im pregnant! Izaak was a week over so im expecting an early january baby as i think i will more than likely go over again. Just hope i dont go early, my worst fear is being in hospital on xmas day! If that happens i willl be leaving hospital as early as i can (i think its four hours after the birth here in Adelaide). I dont want to spoil Izaaks first real xmas!

Take care, chat soon
Karina =)

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