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  5. anyone pregnant after a tubal ligation?symptoms of eptopic pregnancy?

anyone pregnant after a tubal ligation?symptoms of eptopic pregnancy? Lock Rss

hi, just wondering if anyone has fallen pregnant after a tubal ligation? and if they did was it a eptopic pregnancy?
i have been having symptoms of pg for a few weeks now and did do a hpt but it came up negative. my af was due 10th of april but still no show. plus i have been having strong stabing sensations low in the middle of my tummy. cant get in to see my dr. till the 21st may busy man!
any help would be apriciated.
plus do hpt show up positive if it is eptopic???

mum of three girls (99,02,06)

Sorry I can't really help with falling pregnant after a tubal ligation or on eptopic pregnancy. I just wanted to say if you think it is an eptopic pregnancy and the pains are bad you should go straight to hospital as it can be fatal.
Also I think a hpt does show up positive because the hcg levels will still be there but hopefully someone else can confirm or correct me.
Also you could still be pregnant as lots of people don't get positive tests until quite a few weeks after they were due.

I hope it all works out, keep us posted

I just wanted to let you know that when you have an ectopic home preg tests do show up positive. Unfortunately I had an ectopic almost 3 weeks ago & it ruptered and I needed emergency surgery & blood transfussions as I lost so much blood & also lost my left f/tube.

I didnt have any pains, I didnt know anything was wrong until I started collapsing and went into hospital by ambulance.

Fingers crossed it isnt an ectopic and you are pregnant.

All the best
thanks 4 your reply's. I am kinda hoping that the pain is just something to do with my tubes being done . i will wait another week unless it gets worse and then do another test. plus do you know of anyone having a normal pg after getting there tubes done . my dr. told me it was 100% effective but i have heard of some horror stories since and almost all of them ended in misery.
i would love to have more kids but doctors said i am a too high risk to even consider it.

mum of three girls (99,02,06)

hi syn80,

my mother fell pg after a tubal lygation except she had the clips they now discovered have a high failure rate (big surprise there!!)

you do hear stories of the lygatin failing and ectopic is common in that instance...

just to be careful go see your doc to be sure a little U/S will tell you for sure as if you leave it could cause you some problems...

sorry for the doom and gloom but i saw the pain my mum went through!!

well i finally got to see my dr. today and he is doing blood tests to find out what is going on. i have finally had a af which started the 19th and finished on the 21st of this month so a little over two months late and very short lived for me . i have still got heaps of pains on my right side though so he is just waiting for the resaults of my blood test and then he is booking me in for an ultrasound so i am very nervous. i am hoping that it might just be a cyst or something like that and not an eptopic pregnancy. so cross your fingers for me girls.

mum of three girls (99,02,06)

hi i just had a eptopic preganacy. i knew i was 7 weeks preg had some pain at 5:30 fir morn went to docs then for a scan they comfirmed eptopic, doc thought it was a urine tract infection, i had to have op that night, they took out my left tube and cleaned me out i had very bad inturnal bleeding, they said i was very luckly to be alive, i have been told i can try again but there is a 10 percent chance that it will happen again even thought there is no reason for it to both my tube were fine, they had a look at my other one were they were there, im still pretty sore, if any one is in dout or gets any pain you need to go to the docs im living proof if i had of left it for a couples of hours longer i might not be here now,
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