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C"MON help me out any mums with 3 or more?? Lock Rss

Just wanting to know how any mums out there found the transition from 2 to 3 kiddies???how did bub no3 slot into your family?how did bub 1 and 2 find it?how did you go with it all that sort of thing please help me out i need all the honest experiences you have...

I'm not in that boat yet, #3 is due tomorrow!! But i'm terrified of how my youngest will handle the change! She is only 18 months old. So maybe i can come back in a few days and update you! Fingers crossed it's not too long now!

Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

Well I have 3 with one on the way. I have a DS15, DD13 and DS#2 22mths. This bub is due 6th Dec. I have to say I was not planning to have anymore than two and after 12yrs was not expecting to either but along came my beautiful #3 and couldn't be happier. It was a lot easier for me I suppose because my first two are so much older, but I think it is going to be a bit of a challenge having #4 because I tendto do alot of running around for my 2 teenagers. Having one little one to bring along too wasn't so bad but it is going to be a different story when #4 comes along. My older two were ok with the little one as they just dote on him but they were a bit shocked when I told them that there was another one on the way. My DD wants a girl and my DS#1 dosn't care. I think DS#2 is going to find it really difficult because he has been spoilt fo 2yrs cause he is the youngest, so this next one is going to put him out a bit I think. I have already started to prepare him as much as I can. I am having C/S no4 so I will be in hospital for a few days and I think DH is in for a very big shock during that time. So we will see.
Any way Take Care

I have 3 children, 6yr old girl, 3yr old boy and 6mth old boy, as you can see we only had our last 6mths ago. We always thought that our middle boy (3yr old) would be the one to be jealous and not happy with the new edition to the family etc, but he was fantastic and still is with his little brother it was my 6yr old we had all the dramas with, she was very jealous and towards the end of last year was even getting upset with going to school which she had always loved, but within a couple of months she was okay again, I think too as this new bub had taken up alot of my time as I too found the first 3mths really hard to deal with all 3 of the children as too I was recovering from my 3rd C-Section so in that first 6 weeks I couldnt' do alot, but I found once my baby was over the newborn stage and into a nice routine of sleeping through and feeding etc it all got back to normal in this house and I'm loving having the 3 kids, we have also thought about having a 4th but the only thing stopping me is going through another C-Section for a 4th time so we haven't made any plans there as yet.
What ages are your other children? I think in time everyone adjusts to the new edition to the family.

Hi there.

I have three children, DD 9 years old, DS 19 months old and DD 2# almost a month old. Have found it rather tiring especially handling a newborn and a toddler but was in a routine with DS so hasn't been too much of a change. Must admit it is alot harder to get things done, shower, clean the house like I used to etc but I know it is just early days and as she gets a little older things will get a little easier. My 9 year old is a good help too so I suppose it makes it a little easier to have three. I am thinking of trying for another soonish, as we want one more and don't want to leave it too late, also would like the small gaps between.


Shay1980 - Paris, Eden and Sienna!

having three is great i have three girls oldest will be 8 on the 25th of this month, middle who is 5 and my monster child though has been since she was 2 and my youngest who just turned 1. I find that my oldest is great when i need a hand with the baby and entertains her when i am busy. and my middle child is pretty good also though i dont tend to ask as much of her. I have no regrets having the three at all sure it can be hard work like shopping and such but no more than having the 2.
so good luck!!!

mum of three girls (99,02,06)

SO SO SO much for all your help in telling me what 3 is like i really do need all the help from you guys as i can get my two are 3 and 18 months...if there are any more mums that would like to tell me how they find it i would love to hear from you.
Hi Kezal,
I have 4DD's and another on the way. 8y, 7y, 5y and a 2y. #5 due jan 08. They all get on great and play really well together. Sometimes there are little tiffs but generally none. #4 is finding it hard as the older 3 are at school. Sometimes it feels like a production line at meal times and when getting dressed. They all help out and we all get our quality time one on one and alone time too. We have very good friends and family they live 2hrs away. I think I was born to be a mum. Even though #5 was a suprise after was going to get uterus out next month.

i loved going from 2 to 3, for me it was the best number if i was going to have a specific number of kids, 3 would have been it... Now for me going from 3 to 4 was the killer, but the 3rd baby a gem, and still is a pleasure to this day, fit in perfectly and no complaints.. i think being preggers with no6 it soesn't matter how many i have now, but the 4th one for me really threw a spanner in the works, boy i know i am alive with everyone says he'll be the best one out of all of them though...hhhmmm only a few years to wait and find out!!
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