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Baby Number 3 Lock Rss

I am in the throes of deciding whether to have baby number 3 or stop at 2. I currently have a boy and a girl but can't decide if I am finished having babies. A few of my friends have had 3 and I am from 3 so is that why and should I just stop? Any advice would be great!!!!!!

Shelley , NZ, Joshua 19/10/03

We had dediced to stop at 2 - we have 2 beautiful little girls and we felt that was enough. Two weeks ago I discovered I was pregnant again (still breastfeeding 11 month old and on mini-pill). The doctor thinks I am about 10 weeks - I have an ultrasound tomorrow as I have no idea exactly how far along I am or when I am due. So my lesson here was - sometimes the decision is made for us (which is really hard to get your head around when you are a control freak!!!). Good luck!

Nic, ACT, 2 beautiful girls & pregnant again!

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