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Am I pregnant Lock Rss

Hi Just wondering if anyone can help me. I have had 3 pregnancy test in the last 3 weeks but all neg. I feel pregnant but dont know very sore breast , alot of discharge a few champs and not feeling the best. we have been trying but when see neg get upset.

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Hi there,
Know the feeling well, go to your GP and ask for a blood test. Thats how i found out with my second. I tod him that i felt pregnant but was getting negative tests and the blood test came back posative,
best of luck

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I can understand where you are coming from I too am unsure if I am pregnant I have a little boy 2yrs and 4mths and have been trying really hard for number two. I am overdue and have got two negative tests. It is a real dissapointment when you see a negative when you really want a positive and are left hanging. I am going to wait a little longer but if I don't either get a period or a positive in the next week I will be going off to the doctor. Take care and try and stay positive I know that is easier said than done. Good Luck
Hi I just thought I would let you know that unfortunately my period arrived today so no baby for me, but good luck to you I hope your result is more positive.
Well here we go again. My period was due today but nothing yet and negative on test.
i am wondering, I have done several tests also but all negative, (we are trying for our 1st) do you get mood swings early on? i have been in a terrible mood for the last 2 wks, and felt generally off. i normally get my period about every 5-6wks and i am due next wk.has anyone had similar experience?
hi there i was just wondering how you can tell if your pregnant besides not having your period?
Please let me know?

for me it was like, as soon as we sort of gave up trying i got pregnant. i dont mean we stopped physically trying but we stopped telling ourselves we are "trying" for a baby and just had fun. lol... i think all the stress of trying makes it that much harder to concieve. and i know how you feel, its so disappointing and upsetting when you see the negative test. dont give up it will happen soon!
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