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second child? Lock Rss

just a quick question wanting to know how old your child was when you had a second child?

renee 23, rod 25, DD 5/9/04, DS 22/7/07

im glad im not the only one who wants to know,im 21 with a 10 month old and would love another.i was thinking about june next year so my boy will be 1 1/2 when i get pregnant.i want him to be walking so i dont want the double pram thing and sort of out of nappies its cheaper lol
let me know how you go with your plans

SA mum with baby jacob 20th sep 04

I am 32, my first is a girl who was 2yrs and 4mths when her brother was born. He is 5mths old now. By the time he was born she was out of the cot (just before she turned 2), out of the highchair and sitting at the dining room table to eat (also just before she turned 2). She is still in nappies (we'll try again once it warms up a bit so she'll be nearly 3 yrs old) and I bought a pram and put a toddler seat on it, so she still uses the pram. I prefer to keep her in the pram for as long as I can. It lets me get around the shopping centre in half the time it would if I let her walk. Sometimes she walks if I have unlimited time to spend at the shops, but most of the time she is happy to get into her toddler seat. I like the age difference between my two. My daughter is old enough to climb the stairs by herself, feed herself and amuse herself (if she chooses to!) when I am doing things with the baby. It makes my life a bit easier.

my elsest was 16 1/2 months when no 2 was born and 2 and a half when no 3 was born the middle one was 13 months when i had no 3 good luck with your plans

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

My Daughter is 10mths as well, and me and my hub are trying for a second one now. I Have always wanted my kids pretty close. That way Alana can have someone to play with and not be as demanding on my time as appose to if it was just her for a long time. I cant wait to have two little babes around. Very cute.


hi there, my daughter will be 1 month off 2 1/2 when bub is born due in about 4 weeks. I think under 2 is to soon and over 2 1/2 is to far apart. Good luck with your plans take care. Natalie.

Nat NSW mum of 3,

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