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Wanting a girl - can you improve the odds? Lock Rss

We currently have 3 boys and a girl. I would love a sister for our daughter and am interested if anyone has had any luck in affecting the sex of their child.
If you google Gender Swaying you should find lots of info. Basically things you can do is timing - stop doing the deed 3 days before ovulation (reduces the odds of conceiving though and isn't guaranteed), get DH to soak in a hot bath before doing the deed, diet etc. There are heaps of websites on it. Also google Dr Shettles - he is famous for a book on ways to swing the odds towards one sex or the other.
I have heard this:

BD a few days before ovulation and restrain from BD when O has arrived. Girl sperm is ment to live upto 3 days while the boy sperm dies off, and when you ovulate the little girl sperms will still be there while the boys wont.

a relative of mine tried this and she got a girl, she did the reverse and got a boy!

could be a just a coincidence, but its worth giving a try!

yep! i heard the same.

i hope it's right as thats what we tried this time!

we did it 3 days before OV and then stopped and we had a girl.. I got all my info from the net..My friend did the same thing and they just had a girl as well..

Good luck

Ethan 18/04/06 Hannah 13/04/07 Yep we were crazy a

just thought id tell you my lucky experience. ive had 3 boys & 2 girls using the shettles book. It worked for me without fail...the name of the book is "how to choose the sex of your baby". and its allabout timimg.

good luck


hi my name's Lizzie,

i was told this by a sister(nun) of all people i had to hear this from it was a sister, she advised us that if we wanted to concieve a girl sex at the beginning of ovulation will most likely be a girl as they are slower swimmers they are more likely to get there in time where as boys are fast swimmers & die off quicker so if you wanted a boy ttc towards the end of most firtile period.

hope this makes sense


Hay there we are trying for #2 would like a boy as we have a girl but i am quite happy for either. I read that the more frequient you have sex the more chances you have of having a girl as each time the sperm regenorates the more femail gean sperms are created and the less male. And to have a male do it the opposite. There are also those lovley things like male is born in an alcline envorinment and female in an acidic so you can douce your self to help it but like i said i dont know if i am that keen for a boy to go to those excremities. As long as the baby is happy and healthy so am i.
Hooroo Ladies,

Alison 27yr NSW - Ella 4yr, Kylan 18mths, one in t

hi there, my friend was also trying for a girl after 2 boys and read the book "taking charge of your fertility" this book is very informative and it worked for her she feel pregnant after only one month of ttc and she had a girl.I also read the book after having trouble just falling pregnant and the next month i fell aslo. this book is great and will def be using the methods next time we ttc, as we would like a girl also good luck x

Tys mummy qld


I have known 2 people that have used The Shettles Method (named after Dr Shettles, who discovered it in the 70's) and have succeeded in getting the sex of baby they were after - 5 babies in all I know of have worked successfully this way. The Shettles Method includes abstaining from sex at different times of your cycle, also diet and douching for the correct ph environment. Just type in The Shettles Method into Google and you'll find HEAPS of info.

All the best!
Jen. ;o)
Hi there

just out of curiosity for those of you who used the Shettles method... so for eg: this month i BD 5 days, 4 days and the day before ovulation and then the day of ovulation (yesterday)... What would you predict IF i was to fall pregnant this month the sex would be?? I would've guessed a boy...???

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