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Could i be having baby number 2 Lock Rss

My first son it took us over a year to get him and now we was trying for number to only about 2 months i feel funny. So i just went out and done a home test and it came up with 2 lines but one was faint the one that tell's you our preg do you think it means i am preg. With connor i knew cause i went right of food and everythink but this time i am not?

ehat do you think

TTC a baby girl

I have also felt like i need more sleep but i get haps of it, I am geting very hot, a bit of pain down their but not to much and been abit crying latly but with my first one i got raly sick so it sort of got me

TTC a baby girl

I would take that as you are pregnant. when I did my first preg test samething happened to me and I just naturally assumed that I was because on the box it says even if comes up faint you are, it is just early.

Then to make sure I went and done an early pregnancy test, on of the fortel ones. it comes with two tests in it and they both came back as a YES so from my experience I would say that you are and congrats.


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