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Wish me luck! Lock Rss

I have been trying for the past few weeks for number two bubs! And have been feeling slightly off for the past few days, so i am doing my first pregnancy test in the morning. I will not be overly disapointed if i am not but will continue to try! We wanted a two year age gap between our kids so any time now will be fine! Will let you know how i go!

DS 21-04-04 & Due 16-11-06

Hey Good luck Toni,
Let us know how you go, just remember if you aren't just try again, we are starting to try now too for our 3rd, so we'll see how we also go, but I'm not going to get too stressed over it as this is what I did when I was trying for No.2 and it just wasnt' happening only happened when I stopped stressing about it. Anyway best of luck and look forward to hearing back from youxx

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