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Trying for a boy?? Lock Rss


My husband and I have two lovely girls and would like to give ourselves every possible chance of having a boy next time around as it will be our last child. Although we would still be ecstatic with a healthy arrival regardless of the sex, I think my husband would like a little more maleness in the family!

I know a lot of it is old wives tales but has anyone got any advice on what to do (apart from have sex, I have heard that one) such as eating particular foods etc to try and have a boy?


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Hi Kristi!
I'm having a boy at the moment. Unfortunately there is no magic in being able to conceive a boy! It is up to your "hubby dear" to provide the right chromosome! Females provide "X chromosome" from the egg and males provide from the sperm an "X" to make a girl or "Y" to make a boy! So if this time you have a baby girl you know who to blame! LOL! However, I would consider getting yourselves off to a Naturopath to increase your health and thereby your chances of conceiving.
Best wishes,

mum to be, SA, 30-10-05

Hi Kristi

I am currently trying for a girl and I 'feel' like I am pregnant, although the test came up negative, but it did that with my first child.

I have a book called 'How to choose the sex of your baby'. Yes it is up to the male sperm to determine the sex but the timing is really important.

If you know when you ovulate, it should be easy to conceive a boy. Apparently if you have sex during ovulation you are more likely to have a boy because the boys' travel faster than the girls'.

For me to try for a girl it's a bit harder because I have to make sure we have sex, 4, 3 or 2 days before ovulation because the girl sperms are stronger and it is believed that the boys die off and then when the egg is released the girls are there waiting.

I have been recording temperatures and 'mucous' which I think is more a more accurate guide of ovulation and fertile days than the temperature method.

A good website with info is and you can download and print a fertility chart. Another site is the Smart Stork website. If you do a search on Dr L Shettles you should find some info on his method of gender selection.

Sorry, written an easy but what can I say, I am a journalist.

Hope it all helps. Good luck.

Bec, Gold Coast

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