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Is it safe to use a second hand matress? Rss

hi butterfly_dreamer, i'm sure you're all set up to bring your baby home by now, but just thought i'd put my two cents worth in. using a second-hand mattress doesn't mean your baby will die of sids, it will just increase the risk. i know it sounds silly to buy a new mattress when you've been given practically a brand new one. i wouldn't if the mattress is only 6 months old. the thing with mattress's is, they collect a lot of dust and mites and stuff. i think that is the main concern sids wise. i don't think its really got anything to do with germs. everyone has dust and mites, no matter how clean you are. my mil smoked throughout her 2 pregnancies and when i made an issue of her not smoking around my daughter, or said anything about not sleeping baby on her stomach, she always said 'i did it with both of my kids, and they turned out alright'. my response to her, was that they were lucky. doing those things didn't mean she would kill her babies, but she increased their risk. i do everything to ensure that i am reducing the risk, and the sids assn seems to know what they're talking about, just look at the reductions in sids deaths.

i'm sure i'll probably use the same mattress for my second baby too! maybe i'll get a new one. i'm paranoid about sids. i saw my mother lose her child, and i don't know how she goes on without him, i'd die if anything happened to mine.

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i actually agree with you................

my opinion.............. if you are the one that has used the mattress previously or a family member or really close friend then you basically know what the mattress has been through........ I WOULD USE IT

but if it was something from someone you did not know, ehhhhh i guess everyone would agree get a new one...............

SIDS is caused by alot of things, no body can pin point where exactly it actually occurs from use you motherly instinct and you will know if the matteress is good for the little one
Hi everyone,

Can someone help me with why a second hand mattress can cause sids, I dont understand what it is about them that causes the professionals to say that. I used a second hand mattress with my first and planned to with my second but after reading all this iam now abit worried as to why that could be a cause. Cheers

Dawn,WA ,Chloe 3.5, Danielle born 17th dec 2004

Because I am asthmatic, dust mites and dust are an issue for us. Whether or not the mattress is second hand, consider using a mattress protector to minimise dustmite problems. They are available from K-mart, Big W etc. as well as specialist bedding places. I have bought single bed size ones to wrap around the cot mattress and secure them underneath. This way, I can use the same protector for their single beds later. What TraceyL said was interesting to me. We have had four babies and are using our second mattress. I always used mattress protectors and dustmite protector sheets so our mattresses have never been soiled. I have never given it a moments thought, passing on a mattress to each of our kids - I don't see how a second hand mattress differs from one passed on to your own children if it has been taken care of. Having said that, though, I would be looking in to how to give it a good clean- just for peace of mind.

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