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Average no. of months 'playing' before conception occurs Lock Rss

my first daughter was only 6 weeks old when I fell pregant with #2. We had always said we would like to have them close but maybe not this close. I am now pregant with #3 & I fell pregnant within a few weeks of deciding to try again.

Helen,WA, 2girls plus1on the way


My husband and I conceived our son (now 11 months old) in our second month of trying. We have just started trying to make another baby this month and I must admit, I'll be disappointed if it doesn't happen quickly again! Am trying to be realistic though, and we are also trying a few old wives tales to see if we can make a baby girl smile Will be delighted though if we end up with another boy, our son Mitchell is a true gem and another like him would be wonderful of course.

Good luck everyone who's trying!

Rachael, mum of Mitchell dob 06/01/03

Hi there

I'd been on the pill for around 16yrs and went off mid Sept '03.

We didn't start to 'try' ie go for peak ovulation dates until end Nov '03. Fell pregnant straight away - now just over 6wks into it and soooo excited!

Thought being on the pill so long would mean we'd have to wait for 6mths-year before conceiving so we were quite surprised it happened so quickly but extremely thankful! smile


Thought I'd update all on our situation. After posting that first message, I had to 'not try' that month of May because I probed further with the doctor and wanted the rubella tests etc done, so that delayed us a month. I had one period after that and our little girl was on her way! SOOOOO sooooo lucky. So it took us 2 months in the end. I am due 29th March, and I have never felt so good in my life - the thought of this little being growing inside me is incredible and we feel very priviledged in more ways than one. Naming the child is another issue! smile I think .. after 7 months of searching and searching, that I may have found her name though ... and both of us, without consulting each other, thought that the name 'felt right' ... so that's lovely. I wish all those trying to conceive the best of luck. I do believe that our children choose us so the timing is up to them, but of course we want them to be hasty about it! smile
Take care all

just starting

Hi Sonya,

A huge CONGRATULATIONS to you! Hoping you all the best for the next few months! Hope to see you around!

Tepe smile

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Congrats on your news. I hope everything goes well. I'm due on the 17 of March but if i go over like i did with my 1st we'll be pretty close with dates.

Good Luck
with eilish it took 2 months at the most it was fairly quick but for #2 its taken 14 months so far and nothing.

Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

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