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ttc and implanon Rss

hello ladies! We have a beautiful little girl who has just turned 10 months and we are ready for another! I have had to use implanon for contraception as I got a DVT after Darcy's birth. I've been told that it only takes a month and then I'm fertile again-here's hoping! I'm taking the implanon out this week. I fell pregnant with Darcy straight away so I'm hoping to be pregnant again by Jan at the latest. Just wondering has anyone else used implanon and what are your stories!


hi there Rita,

i used implanon a few years ago, ended up having a heavy month-long period at 2y7.5m. so obviously -i thought- i had it taken out ASAP.

anyhoo, i soo was not looking to get preggers right then so i went straight on to a different type of contra.

back to implanon, it worked beautifully for me up until the mega-flo; no PMS or anything (thats what i think anyway.)

as the GP's are so fond of telling me, be patient and you'll get fertile again. good luck i guess.
[Edited on 17/09/2007]
Hi Rita, I had implamon in and had it removed, wasnt going to try until end of Spet, partner got lazy and guess what now Due 14 March, So I guess it didnt take that long to be fertile once the implamon was removed. Cheers best of luck!!!

hi! That's fabulous!!! I'm getting it taken out on Thursday. I have had a cycle every two weeks on it once I stopped breastfeeding Darcy so that's also been a factor in wanting it out-plus I really want to be a mummy again! So you have #4 on the hubby and I would like to have 4 too. All the best and a big congratulations!!!


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