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Nervous about Baby Number 2 Lock Rss

Hi Yvette,

Thanks for coming back to update us..... and WOW you do sound so happy. smile

I felt exackly the same, all the way thru my pregnancy, but as soon as i layed eyes on him, i was in love!!

I hope things continue as smoothly for you,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi Yvette,

You are sooo right!!! I too felt all those worries when I was pregnant with number 2 and now that he is here I wonder what I was so worried about.

My daughter is 20.5 months old now and my baby son is one month old today!

I am totally in awe of both my children and love them both so dearly and deeply. My relationship with my daughter is as strong as ever and my new love and bond with my baby son is amazing too.

Both of my children are amazing and wonderful in their own special ways.

I now know what it is like to feel "Love at first sight" twice!!!

Hi Tepe and Michelle,

It's amazing how your emotions are so up and down the second time around! I'm hoping that eventually I'll be able to go back for number 3 - I have some frozen embryo's from my last IVF attempt so I'm hoping that another child will be possible.

Michelle, I fell in love with both my boys as soon as I saw them too. I bonded straight away both times so I consider myself very lucky as I know it doesn't always happen.

In fact, with Cohen's birth, I was really worried that I wouldn't have that same rush of overwhelming love that I did for Finlay but I did! I think the fact that I basically reached down and helped pull him out and he came out facing me so I was the first to see his beautiful face (fast asleep mind you!) and also the first to see that he was a boy was incredibly special.

With Finlay, he was a c-section so I didn't have the same experience but it was still so positive that I don't regret anything.

Motherhood is wonderful!

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