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Single Pregnancy after Twins Lock Rss

Are there any mums out there that have had twins and then had another "single" pregnancy. We are thinking of adding to our family next year (I'll be 37). What is the age gap between babies? Did they find it easier with one baby or harder because in total there were three. Any comments welcome.

Victoria ~ 3yr old beautiful twin boys

Hi im Angela ,,,,, i dont exactly have twins but i had two little girls a year but a day apart...

my oldest on 4th October 1999
my youngest 3rd October 2000

(Believe it or not my birthday is on the 2nd October 1983) Im a young mum. And am due for another on the 15th September this year (obvious when my fertile period is lol:)

This third baby even though i am not that far is driving me hell...... with the girls i didnt get sick,, this one i am sick all the time..... HORRIBLE.... but daddy helps out alot... So thats alright....

People say you should wait at least a year before having more children (TO HELP YOUR SYSTEM GET BACK TO NORMAL) but to me i was happy for that year difference, although they do have their fights (which kids dont?) my the closest any siblings can be and that makes a MUM SMILE>......


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