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Planning for Pregnancy


planning to have a little girl

i would like some advice on how to plan to have a little girl i have had to little boys and i thi...

6 replies

I too have two beautiful boys - 3y9m and 18m. I would really love to have a girl too. I have had my lunar chart done and I have been...

Abdominal pain in early pregnancy

Hi, I am 26 years old and I am 7 weeks pregnant with my second child and I am not sure if I shou...

7 replies

Hi Connors mum, What great news! How exciting, maybe twins? You'll have to keep us informed again! Tepe


I have gone baby shopping crazy!

Hi, I must confess that I bought baby clothes from when I was ten weeks pregnant and from then o...

4 replies

Hi, A few more things I forgot. Don't buy too much girly stuff just in case. I stuck to mostly neutral things and things that I c...

How to conceive in 3 months

TRYING TO CONCIEVE INFORMATION: What you should take: Folic Acid, a Multi-Vitamin, Prenatal Efa...

1 reply

Jane that is fantasic information. Another thing to help women with an irregular cycle is the mini microscope bought from chemists c...


first timer

hi my name is sharon and i am expecting my first baby on 20/8, i am 20 years old and very excited...

10 replies

Hi Sharon, My name's Amy and i'm a first timer aswell. i'm 18 and have a beautiful boy who was born on jan 28th. Its amazing how tim...