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Planning for Pregnancy

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TTC October 2017

Are you Trying to Conceive this month? Join others on your journey!

5 replies

I’m with you on those irregular periods! It’s been 2months now- negative pregnancy tests so far (Too early to test but they never st...


Has anyone TTC after Jadelle Implant removal?

I had a jadelle implanted when my 2 year old was 2 months old, we are now going to try for a thir...

6 replies

So I'm just wondering I had the implanon in for 4 years got it put in when my daughter was 7months old 2013 its now 2017 and sh...


Midwife recommendations - Palmerston North

The LMC who delivered my first child is now hospital based, can I still approach her to be my LMC...

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First Donor Egg Cycle Questions

We are getting ready to start our first donor egg cycle in August and I'm wondering if I sho...

1 reply

I’m honestly not sure, I work as a nurse, and I do know that a few patients only became pregnant after multiple attempts when they s...


Bleeding and cramps

Hello I have a very regular period. Im due in 4 days but started light pink bleeding yesterday wi...

2 replies

Its not light pink anymore and quite abundant. So I guess no luck this month


Seeking Egg Donor Angel - Tasmania

My partner and I have been together for many years and have attempted to fall pregnant naturally....

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Sperm Antibodies

Hi There My DH and I have been TTC for just about 3 years, we ahev have numerous cycles track...

11 replies

To the mum of T&L can I ask what clinic you did your IUI through? We have 1 daughter through ICSI which was three years ago, ha...

New Mum_2017

Help.....Midwife Recommendations :)

Hi There! I've just found out I'm expecting and I am looking for an excellent recommend...

1 reply

Hi There, Congratulations on your great news. I am 16 weeks and I live on the shore too. I see a mid wife from Cottage Midwives. Her...

Huggies Support

Are you doing IVF this month (October 2018)?

Share your journey with others here!

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Huggies Support

Are you trying to conceive this month?

It's September! Let us know if you are TTC this month so we can all support each other!

3 replies

Ttc number 2 here. We just casually trying, just going with the flow. We are dpo 7 today.


Private Obgyn vs Private Midwife

Hi Everyone, Could you please give me you opinion on having private obstetrician vs a private mi...

6 replies

If for you problems with writing of your essay, better write to these guys and they quickly will write to you an essay on your topic...

Huggies Support

Are you doing IVF this month?

It's September! Are you planning on trying IVF this month? We'd love to support you on ...

1 reply

Hi, Actually, I was searching for the forum to ask there my question. Now I found this forum it’s very helpful. All people here are...


What should I do when I my eggs are not mature?

Hi, ladies! I hope everyone is great here. It takes a lot of time to get out of the infertility ...

2 replies

Hello my dear Sara, thank you for sharing your problem and opinion with us. It is a good platform where you can find good advice wi...


Abortion and pregnancy

There is no perfect amount of time to wait before trying to conceive again, but many healthcare p...

2 replies

Hello Neha, I hope you are doing well and having a great day. Thank you for sharing such helpful and precious information with us. I...


We're working on it!

Hi everyone! My husband and I intend to start trying after we return from our holidays in Janua...

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Artificial Insemination

Good afternoon ladies I will be starting our first round of artificial insemination in just over...

288 replies

Debstar7 wrote: Good afternoon ladies I will be starting our first round of ( ) ...



ok first time asking a question on here... Did a negative HPT today - am 8DPO Full / heavy abdom...

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Anxious Help

Hello Mumma's, My husband and I have only just started to try for a baby. Im a bit of a cont...

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Huggies Support

Are you going through the Two Week Wait?

Tell us how you are distracting yourself while you wait to see if you are pregnant? https://www.h...

4 replies

I've never felt time go so slowly when waiting to see if I'm pregnant! Urgh.



I recently had a d&c on Aug 6th. I just got my period on Sep 6th. My baby stopped growing at ...

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IVF clinics in Europe - share your experience

Hi) First of all I would like to share my story I had been having problems with conceiving for a...

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Biggest baby range

Hi does anyone know which shop in Auckland has the biggest range of baby stuff or a store with a ...

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Two types of Birth Control Methods and Their Working

Birth control is how you avert pregnancy prior to its beginning. There are number of different me...

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Opk positive after 6dpo

Hi ladies I am trying to conceive for over a year. In mid July I saw a faint positive sign in my ...

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First Response White Line

Hello, Ok I might be crazy here looking at a white line on a First Response Early Detection Test...

1 reply

I don't think a white line is positive. You see them sometimes if your urine is pretty concentrated and it slightly changes the...



So I'm a 21 year old single mother, living in Motueka, which is a 30mom drive from nelson I&...

5 replies

Anyone looking at being a surrogate get in contact with fertility associates. Like myself there are so many people out there that ca...


High risk clinic The Canberra Hospital

I'm looking at a change in job. Yes I'm ttc but I have fertility problems so it may not...

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I need Your help

Hi! I’m 41 years old. Two years ago I was diagnosed with a small ovarian reserve. My gyny told me...

18 replies

honestly, I don't know what to make of this. Because, when posting in another thread where the lady was asking about surrogacy,...


If you've done IVF, what is some advice you'd give to someone starting on their journey?

We'd love to hear from you...doing IVF can be a very daunting and challenging process. Is th...

5 replies

I would like to highlight how important it is to support your partner when going through the whole process. From finding the right c...


Estrogen level higher in IVF

Hi, I am new to this IVF thing and to this forum as well and really don’t know that is this right...

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TTC after contraception

Hey ladies, So my partner and i have decided to have another bundle of joy i was on implanon for...

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Clomid - experiences & ttc

Would love to hear of your experiences with Clomid. I just got a script to start Clomid 50mg from...

3 replies

I conceived both my boys using clomid, with my first boy we had been trying for 3 years with no luck, first month on clomid 50mg I ...


trying to conceive

Hi ladies, my partner and i have been trying to have baby 2 for a few months now. Ive been gettin...

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Huggies Support

Are you doing IVF this month (August 2017)?

Share your journey here!

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Huggies Support

TTC August 2017

Are you trying to conceive this month? Get help and support on the Huggies Forum!

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Basically ive been taking Noriday for almost 6 months,never missed a pill, i take it roughly same...

1 reply

Take another test and definitely don't add water as it dilutes the hcg levels

Brisbane Fertility Specialists?

Hey, not sure if you have decide to give thing another gout my wife and I used Dr Simone Campbell...

1 reply

ForeverWaiting wrote: Hi ladies, I need some help. Long story short I have PCOS and want to start fertility treatment again. We did...

Huggies Support

TTC June 2017

Are you trying to conceive this month? Join others and share your journey on this thread! We wish...

7 replies

Are you anxious or possibly overthinking about getting pregnant?.It might help if you try to take your mind off getting pregnant.Fin...


Single woman using donor sperm

I'm new to this form chat stuff but after some info from anyone who has been down the path o...

2 replies

Hello, my wife and I are in Brisbane and we used city fertility partnered with rainbow fertility. They have been excellent with ever...

Huggies Support

Did you get pregnant with PCOS?

We are trying to use the forum to build stories of hope and inspiration for potential mums who ha...

1 reply

I have PCOS and have two children with another one on the way. My PCOS mainly affected my fertility as I'm not hugely overweigh...