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Keeping Fit & Healthy during Pregnancy


Your Pregnancy Tips

Hi to all our members. Have you got some tips on Pregnancy that you could share with other Mum's...

74 replies

Thanks for sharing those tips, ladies! And what about tips on how to stay beautiful during pregnant? I really care about my look and...


How to stay fit during pregnancy

Hi everyone! Today I want to talk about how to stay fit during pregnancy. It's something eve...

21 replies

Such an important topic! I'm glad someone is talking about this. Most women forget about themselves. It's really crucial t...


Cooked ricotta

This is my first pregnancy and I'm almost overwhelmed trying to remember what I can and can't eat...

5 replies

Here - Try)


Diet Shakes

I've always had diet shakes for breakfast. I stopped when I found out I was pregnant though. I ha...

9 replies

here -


Need Help

I could not stop my tears shedding. The pain is killing me. I really feel shame to discuss my pro...

26 replies

this is not a serious disease. you can live and become pregnant


Travel to Egypt in first trimester

I have just found out that I am pregnant and have a trip planned for Egypt. I will be 9 weeks at...

4 replies

simbameg wrote: I have just found out that I am pregnant and have a trip planned for Egypt. I will be 9 weeks at the time of travel...


Pregnancy and the Flu

I am currently 5 weeks pregnant and have managed to get the flu. The doctors have said there is n...

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5 ways you can boost your baby's brain development during pregnancy

What you eat and what you avoid during pregnancy can have a direct impact on your little one'...

3 replies

Thanks for sharing

2 little blondies

cold & flu medication during pregnancy

Does anyone know if there are any safe cold & flu medications you can take while pregnant? I've...

8 replies

"In the first 12 weeks the baby is making its organs, and so in general, if people don't need to take something during tha...


Lumbar / sciatic back pain

Help! Im 10 weeks and I have had back pain for almost 2 weeks. I had very low hardly ever there b...

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Mummy makeover

Hey ladies, is anyone else considering a mummy makeover? Tummy tuck and breast lift/augmentation

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Ruby Mackenzie

School and Work Placement

I am currently 15 weeks pregnant and I am planning on starting an Aged Care course. They require ...

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How much did you weigh before getting pregnant, and what have you gained so far?

I love reading the replies to these questions because they make me feel so normal! But, what did...

132 replies

I started at 85kg and am 178cm tall (a bit overweight to begin with). Although I felt sick I managed to gain 10kg in my first trime...


Weight Loss during pregnany???

Hi ladies, I was just wondering if any other mum's or mum's to be have lost weight whilst pregna...

14 replies

Even as pregnant with my little lady I shed pounds mainly around the final trimester of my being pregnant and wanted to keep with ul...



Hi girls, I am at the very early stages of pregnancy and just getting my head around what I can ...

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What do you guys eat?!?!?

Hi guys Just wondering what you guys ate for lunch when you were pregnant? Just looking at the g...

15 replies

I ate dairy products, sweet potatoes, green vegetables, and lean meat more during pregnancy. Most of the health nutrition guide I go...


What Cleaners do you use that are safe around baby???

I found that MADE OF organic multi-surface cleaner is great. Anyone else using that?

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Safe Bathroom Cleaners??? Lock

Hi, just wondering what everyone uses for cleaning the bathroom while pregnant, as some chemicals...

6 replies

You know there are special tools without sulfates and other caustic chemicals. It is better to use quality shower gels and not to sa...


Facebook Support Group for Expectant Mums Late 2019 due dates

Drop your email below to be added, or go to

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Magnesium for aura migraines

Hi, I’m not sure if this is in the right area but hopefully it is (if not can someone please let...

1 reply

Hi Tish! I'm also 10 weeks today. I never suffered from headaches before (let alone migraines) but in this 1st trimester I'...


The healthy pregnancy diet

3 replies

Dear new posts, please tell me anyone of you tried to use Chia seeds for weight loss. I found interesting recommendations in the blo...


Pregnancy after loss

Hey ladies! Hope so you are doing well and enjoying your time.I need some suggestions from you.I ...

10 replies

Congratulations on getting the good news. It is a great moment. It is good that you are concerned avbout your health. It is very imp...


Toothpaste to use during pregnancy?

Hiya! I was just wondering if anyone could recommend a toothpaste that is safe to use during pre...

5 replies

Oh! I don't know what toothpaste is okay now either!! SACCHARIN is a no no, and is an artificial sweetener put in toothpastes &...


Girls, what are you taking vitamins?

Hello everyone. I'm pregnant again. Mixed feelings ... it happened unplanned. I have a daugh...

4 replies

By the way someone went to yoga for pregnant women? Did you like it?


it's happening!! Lock

Hello everyone. How are you all doing? This is about my friend who is starting her IVF soon. So s...

34 replies

It time to choose the right things. You should choose the best things. I know it is hard but it is the right time for you to choose ...


pregnancy fitness

Keeping fit during pregnancy is highly important. Most doctors say it is better to the muscles of...

10 replies

I also think that the stress affects the fertility. If there is not a big medical problem for infertility probably the stress is a r...



Hi I'm 36 and pregnant with my 3rd child, although it's a long time between pregnancie...

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Playing Netball while pregnant?

I have just found out that I am pregnant with number two. I am a keen netballer, with my first pr...

8 replies

My Dr advised against it but my midwife said to continue if I felt well enough! I think it's great to keep up exercise while yo...


Intensive exercise after delivery?

loi font

1 reply

Hey there! Exercising is good for you but intensively isn't a good idea for now. 4 weeks are pretty short, I guess. Well, it al...


Managing old demons, with an ever expanding waste line.

Hey Ladies, I'm expecting my first baby and I'm currently 6 months pregnant. I have a ...

6 replies

Hey. I hope everything is well at your side. I was in the same boat when experienced pregnancy for the first time. Every one would s...

Dry cuticles

Does anyone have a remedy to cute dry cuticles?? Since I have been pregnant I have had the most s...

2 replies

Hello. I am a newbie in nails industry. After 23 years, I've retired from old job, and I am looking forward to start working as...


How did you tackle a cold during pregnancy?

Hi Ladies, I'm 22 weeks pregnant and have come down with a terrible cold. Baby daddy had...

10 replies

Cold is one of the most common ailments. It is bothering and really irritating. In pregnancy it becomes really problematic. Therefor...

Huggies Support

What exercise should I do during pregnancy?

It's really important to keep exercising throughout your pregnancy. If you've not been ...

3 replies

Going for a slow, daily walk is a great way to get exercise for the body and some peace for the mind and soul!



Always squeeze and hold your pelvic floor muscles before you sneeze, cough or lift. Don’t go to t...

5 replies

Well, yeah! Some of your points are really relatable! Thanks for sharing such an informative post here. I'm really relieved t...


Nutritionist during pregnancy

hi! I'm ttc number 2 and after gaining a lot during my 1st pregnancy and still trying to lo...

5 replies

JT_22 wrote: hi! I'm ttc number 2 and after gaining a lot during my 1st pregnancy and still trying to lose it I want to make su...


Getting Back in to exercise at 19 weeks

So I am currently 19 weeks pregnant with my first baby. Pregnancy going pretty well at this point...

6 replies

Hey Anne! Congratulations! You're so lucky. This is something every girl wants since childhood, her own baby.Exercise is not ba...


Are relaxation massages safe during pregnancy?

Hi I'm 12 weeks pregnant. Is it safe to have a relaxation back and foot massage? Thanks in...

9 replies

Hey there Tiffany! First of all Congratulations!!! And yes Massage is safe for you, it won't affect your pregnancy, but it also...

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1 reply

Hey! Hope so you are all fine on this forum.I have joined this forum since my first month of pregnancy.Now I am in my 6th month of p...


Herbal teas that are safe??

Prior to this pregnancy I was a coffee/tea drinker, but I am being overly cautious now that I am ...

3 replies

Tea and Coffee is not good for your baby if you take that above the limit. Mostly the Tea and Coffee available with caffeine and acc...

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