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Visiting the dentist while pregnant Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

I have just noticed that i have a hole in my tooth and that i need to visit a dentist to get a filling but am unsure weather i can while im pregnant.

Any advice would be great

Thanks Amber


i was told that it is GOOD to get a check up while your pregnant as your gums are more prone to infection etc when your pregnant. However, they like to avoid xrays unless absolutely necessary and with regard to a filling im not sure what their thoughts are on anesthesia.

just call your local dentist and ask what they recommend as a check up would certainly be fine but being that you are so close to your due date, they might say wait til bubs is born so it doesnt matter what needs to be done smile
I went to the dentist when I was only around 10 weeks pregnant and got a few fillings with local anaesthetic. It seemed ok but Id double check with your midwife or someone to make sure.
Hi, when I was pregnant with DS I went to the dentist a few times, I told my dentist that I was pregnant & he just made sure I was completely numb so it wouldn't hurt me/give me a fright. He just didn't do any xrays. Hope this helps.

I went to the dentist about a month ago, if you tell them you are pregnant they shouldn't do xrays but the local anaesthetic is fine to have, according to what I've been told. Luckily I didn't need any fillings.

Hi, I actually had a tooth pulled out on the day I was due with my first! Having a local anaesthetic is completely fine when pregnant, as long as you just let the dentist know.

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