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braxton hicks Lock Rss

hi girls,

just wondering who else has experienced these, what they feel like and are they anything to worry about??

Do particular things trigger them, or are they random?

38 weeks and 2 days

hi there

i have yet to feel them and im 34 weeks! some people get them in the last weeks of pregnancy, some early on, and some not at all.

apparently they feel like tightenings, like your tummy is rock hard and tight. they are not suppose to be painful but many people have posted on here in the past saying that is not always the case.

usually with braxton hicks, if you change position or lay down, sit up etc they can stop or lessen.

they are nothing to worry about, is just the uterus practicing and toning up ready for the real thing later on.

i know that sex and orgasm can trigger them and this is nothing to be worried about. other than that, i am led to believe they are fairly random.

others will be able to give you their experiences but this is what i hear smile

I started getting them at about 14 weeks. They are nothing to worry about i just find them a little uncomfortable when it happens.

i havent noticed them happening at particular times - they are pretty random for me.

Aparently I am getting them all the time but I never notice them. I have only had a couple that have really rocked me but they were recently... not long to go yay!

I think they might be different for everyone.

I got them twice, for a whole day (a couple of weeks apart). They got close and closer together (but painless) until I thought I might actually be in labour, then stopped! They were actually just like my contractions in the end, without the pain.

Hi, with my first I really didn't experience any braxton hicks, but with my last pregnancy I had them for the entire last week, 24hrs a day until I went into labour! For me they felt exactly like labour pains and even started off mild and far apart, then gradually got stronger & closer. I even went to hospital twice thinking I was in labour only be told it was STILL the braxton hicks.

So, I guess it can be different for everyone, but it's nothing to be concerned about & as far as I'm aware there's really no one thing that triggers them.

Jaida (6), Ameli (2) & Lacey (2mths) - SA

i started getting them at about 26 weeks. didnt know what they were at first. but doesnt hurt - yet. just tummy gets tight and hard then goes away. i usually get them when i am resting. dont get them for long only like 2 - 3 at a time then go away for the day.

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