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flat nipples and breast feeding Lock Rss

hi i was after some advise, i have really small nipples (they only stick out about 1/2cm sometimes and other times are flat sorry tmi) they are not inverted but i was just wondering if anyone was the same and successfully breastfed.

i breastfed my daughter using nipple sheilds as she was preemie and could attach onto them easily, but i would really like to not use them next time ......any thoughts

i guess im wanting to know does the baby just keep slipping off if you dont have big nipples

when my first was born I was told by a nurse at the hospital that my nipples were too small and in the wrong position and thats why I couldnt breastfeed, baby was early and just didnt take to it, anyway I went on to successfully breastfeed my second baby for 20 months with no problems at all. so no it doesnt really matter, mine arnt flat but not huge either.

i have a similar concern, mine are not inverted but sit flat. when it is cold etc they will stick out ever so slightly but i was worried about breastfeeding.

i showed my midwife and she said that i might have a little bit of trouble with attachment but breast feeding is definately possible. she didnt even mention nipple shields and said it should be fine but just might take a little more perseverence.

im hoping it all goes well because i would really like to breast feed.
good luck to you smile
im not too sure but i guess mine stick out a bit (ive never compared,lol) but i have read that no matter what they are like you can still breastfeed.
Hi! I actually have the same problem and have had trouble breastfeeding both my girls. There is a gadget by Avent called the "Niplette" which can be used up to 6 mths of pregnancy & by using gentle suction it can permenantly correct flat nipples.

I haven't actually tried it myself but would really like to try one with this baby. They cost around $50-60 and should be available from most pharmacies (and online).

Good luck!

Jaida (6), Ameli (2) & Lacey (2mths) - SA

I have completely flat nipples and successfully breastfed until 10 months. I was happy to keep going but my son decided he didn't want it anymore.
I tried using a shield in the first few days but he wouldn't suck with it on.
Good luck

If a baby is latching correctly, it has it's mouth wide open, and it will latch onto your aureola, not your nipple. When bub is attached, then the force of the suction pulls the nipple out, into the babys throat. So the shape and size of your nipples is actually petty irrelevant.

When my sons were tiny, and would slip off my breast, I would make sure I dried my breast every time I tried to latch, as your breast very quicky gets covered in slippery milk, and bub just slides around. Drying the breast gives them a fighting chance to latch.

I would also press it slightly flat, like a biscuit, so it was an easier shape to latch onto for their mouth.

All the best, I am sure you will breastfeed marvellously. smile

homebirthing mum to three boys!

Hi there, how is it all going for you?? I have inverted nipples and have still been able to feed all four of my children till at least 11mths old so far. With #1 the midwife got a syringe, cut the tip off and put it over my nipple and pulled the end, it 'sucked' my nipple out. It worked the first few times but now when feeding I just roll my nipple between my thumb and forefinger until its sticking out, scrunch up the whole areola area and when baby's mouth is wide open roll from the top of baby's top lip to his bottom lip, he gets a mouthful and starts sucking. Gosh that sounds long winded but once you're used to it it takes maybe 5seconds to get them going:)

me 24, hubby 25 four boys age 4 and under :0)

i posted before DD was born and just wanted to say that i have had nothing but dramas since day one with breast feeding.

it is a wonderful thing to be able to do but just be prepared that it is not always something that comes naturally and quite often, requires a lot of hard work!

thankyou so much everyone for your wonderful replys.

congrats lil emma !!!

fingers crossed it will work, like i said it works with nipple shields but would love to not use them...........
hey there

I am the same as you and struggled immensely to bf my son. So much to the point that I was very close to slipping into pnd but snapped myself out of it with the help of great chn's and my dh.

anyway most people assumed it was because i was not attatching him properly. I cant count how many different ppl I showed how I was doing it to - midwives, chn's gp's, parents, friends etc the list goes on and turns out I was doing it correctly after all - so no need to beat myself up that it was me iykwim...

I also had anipple shield on for awhile but it ws the child health nurse's idea to abolish that as she said it shouldnt be used over prolonged periods of time etc

anyway just wanting to offer my support and let you know there are more of us out there!

Great to hear all the stories about women in the same boat who have successfully bf too. Gives great hope for next time!

good luck to you!
Hi, it might be a good idea to speak to your doc or midwife about talking to a lactation consultant. Your small nipples will not affect your ability to feed as the baby does not latch onto the nipple as such. When they accidently latch onto your nipple you really know about it!!Speaking to a professional about your concerns will help with your confidence and at the end of the day you have fed before so you know your boobs can do it!!P.S i have small nipples and have had two babies (full term) who were totally not interested in feeding. Through sheer stubborness with the first i hand expressed and feed with a dropper(for 16wks) and the second i used a shield (total pain in the arse)for almost 4 months. Went on the breast feed for 2yrs and 19months for each child. It just sucks (pardon the pun) that it seems easier for some, but determination and education will prevail in the end. Good luck.I am 24 wks and hoping for a very hungry baby!!
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