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sore ribs Lock Rss

my first baby was breech and i had severley sore ribs toward the end of my pregnancy... the problem is this time round i have had sore ribs from about 12 weeks... they feel so sore and tender like they are bruised all the time. as any one had this, any remedies?

24 year old mum to 2 beautiful girls


My whole body is sore!!! I suffered really bad all-of-a-sudden with sore sides and ribs at about 12-14 weeks i think that bubs wanted to grow but i couldn't. I still get it now not as much at 30 weeks. All i did was rub and try to rest which is hard for me, I doubt there is much that can be done for aching???

If you come up with anything please share

Good luck

Melissa, WA, - paige 14mths & jack due in June

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