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What can i do??? Lock Rss

Hi i am 17 weeks preg and i was wondering what i can do to keep fit and not let the weight come one.

I know eating helthy is good but what kind of exersise are safe for me to do cause i realy dont want to put to much on as i did with my son and it was hard for me to cope.

Dose anyone know of any great things for me to do.

thanks you so much


TTC a baby girl

i walked ALOT, did yoga and used a FITBALL at home. i only put on a total of 10kgs wen i was pregnant and my bub only weighed 3.5kgs.
go 2 a gym and ask 2 talk 2 someone about what exersize is good.
I am now 28 weeks pregnant and been struggling to keep my weight gain to a minimum throughout my pregnancy. I've just started swimming though which i find is really good in the hot weather as it helps keep me cool and is less wearing on the body than walking or other weight bearing exercises.

I've read that good exercises to do while you are pregnant are walking (only at a brisk pace), swimming, water aerobics specifically for pregnant women, cycling on a stationary bike, step machines, yoga designed specifically for pregnant women, and relaxation routines.

Jogging, tennis, skiing, light weight lifting, cycling, hiking, volleyball and dance workouts (all done with extreme caution) are reccomended for only well-trained, experienced athletes.

For all pregnant women though, definate no-no's are jogging 3km+, horse riding, waterskiing, diving or jumping into pools, scuba diving, contact sports, sprinting, downhill or crosscountry skiing, cycling in race position (bent forward).

I was particularly interested in water aerobics for pregnant women however theres no such thing in my area. Sounds like a really good way to meet other mums-to-be while exercising and keeping cool all at the same time.

Think i might have overloaded you with information... but hope i have helped.

I have always walked and swum a lot, and i was also given some core excercises by my physio, i would rate these as a must have as if your back is strong it makes the rest much easier. I was told you can break a light sweat, but shouldn't feel too hot or be gasping for breath.

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