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Weight Gain In Pregnancy :) Lock Rss

Hi All,

With my first pregnancy I gained maybe 10kg, with my second I think maybe 14kg.

I am currently 20.5 weeks and have gained 2.5-3 kgs. (started 71.5 kgs and am now 73.5-74 kgs)

I am still carrying an extra 10 kgs from my previous pregnancy and I only stopped breast feeding at 16 weeks pregnant (about 4 weeks ago).

I am dreading breaking the 80kg mark, as I have never been over the 70's before.

I have been a bit depressed with this pregnancy (unplanned) and although I love my belly I am just not feeling sexy.

How much weight have others put on and how did you feel about your body and self-esteem?


Hayley, NSW, Liam 07/02, Beth 09/04, Nate 03/06

I started at around 55kg, with my first i gained 15kgs, but lost 9 in the first week after having her ( a lot was fluid-yay!). Next pregnancy was twins, and i got up to 88kgs (didn't quite hit 90 thank god!) I got back down to 70kg before i fell pregnant again, i'm now 18wks and 69kgs, i've actually lost weight without trying, gotta love that. I haven't had any real time between babies to lose weight, but i figured may as well ruin myself all at once! I felt sexy with the first pregnancy, like a hippo with the twins, and now i'm just happy my belly is hard again, and i look preggo not fat! The worst thing for me is stretch marks and wrinkly belly, it sucks knowing at 22 that i'll never wear a short top or bikini again.
Your weight gain sounds pretty reasonable though Hales, don't be too hard on yourself, babies take a lot out of you. You might not even hit 80kgs, i've found now i have more weight on me i'm putting on less than i did with my first when i started off super skinny. Can't say i feel sexy right now, but i don't feel gross. Just resigned!

Kelly, 22, 1 @ 25/1/04, 2 @9/3/05, [email protected]/4/06


I got really depressed with my weight gain too... I started off at 50kg and gained 22kgs during my first pregnancy. I felt so fat and heavy... could hardly walk properly and had to stop every few minutes when walking. Definitely did not feel good about myself at all.

Went down to 64kg right after the birth. Then when I was 54kgs, fell pregnant again and now at 24 weeks pregnant, am 61kgs! I will probably be heavier than the last time but am starting to resign to the fact that I will never fit my size 6 clothes again. I already had a problem with my thighs when I was 'skinny' and now that I have gained weight, my thighs have blown out of proportion.

To teach is to learn twice

Just wondering, are those who have gained a lot of weight watching what they are eating? I am trying to watch what I eat but with birthdays, weddings, and christmas coming up, it's very hard to resist yummy foods of all kinds

To teach is to learn twice

I started my pregnancy weighing no more than 50kg I ended my pregnancy weighing 94kg how huge is that. I had bub almost 9 months ago now and I still have 10 kg's to go. Dont be hard on yourself though as making a baby is no easy task and of course you are going to gain weight (hopefully not as much as I did though)!

Amanda and Oscar (22 Feb 05)

Hi there
with my first i started at 40kg and finished at 60kg with my second i started at about 45 kg and finished at 60kg i lost all the weight again and when my youngest was 18 months i finally put on some weight and i started this pregnancy off at 58kg (my ideal weight for height) but lost about 7 kg until i was 18 weeks then i gained 9 kg in 3 weeks and havent but anymore on since then im now 29 weeks i havent done anything unusual with my diet except i eat more then when im not preggers or feeding and bubs is healthy and im getting visibly bigger so i have no idea why i havent put any on i thought i would at least hit the 70 mark this time around considering the weight i started with!


Charlie 5, Imee 3, Laura 13mths, and ttc #4!

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