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Infection Woes Lock Rss

Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone has any advice for me... I have been told my UTI can not be cured by the antibiotics that I am on. No other drug is safe during pregnancy, and I have heard that kidney infections can trigger early labour. I am 28 weeks. I go in for another test later in the week, but can't help but worry what will happen to me or the baby if they can't do anything. Has something similar happened to any of you?

QLD, Grace 04/02/2006

i had kidney problems when i was 14 now am 17
do u mean kidny infections in pregnancy or when ever ?? well im over due by 7 days ne way LOL can it be passed on 2 the baby

michelle 18 nz izzyz mum


I am currently 37 weeks (nearly 38 yay!) but I have had 3 UTIs, 1 after the other and the doc has prescribed me antibiotics all those times, I asked my OB if antibiotics were safe, and he sadi it was fine to have during pregnancy.

If your worried, and want a natural way to combat the UTIs, try cranberry juice, or if u cant handle the taste, like myself, get cranberry tablets...just make sure it just cranberry tablets those, there is a blackmores (I think) that is called cranberry forte and CAN NOT be used during bet is to get them from ur chemist or health food store, and ask them to make sure its ok to use.



Sarah, VIC, Hayden James born 5/12/05

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