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Placenter?? Lock Rss

Sorry about the spelling but i have just been told by my hospital that i have low placenter over the phone and to come into see them tomorrow.

What dose this mean? Dose it mean i have to have another c-section.

anyone been through this befor i am very scared for my baby and am crying cause i dont know why it has happend to me or what it is?

i looked up on the internet and it did tell me some stuff but was hoping people here could shair their stories with me.


TTC a baby girl

hi there.

i personally havent experienced low placenta, but i feel really sad for you. Dont cry! im sure they will explain everything to you tomorow. and im sure your baby will be fine. have you tried your library to read about it? i have a book called 'what to expect when your expecting' and says a bit about it. how far are you? i just read that like the fetus, placenta moves alot during pregnancy too. it doesnt actually pick up and move but can migrate upward as uterus stretches. also says 20 - 30% of placentas are in lower half in second trimester, but move up by the time delivery nears. i know its hard but try not to stress. im sure everything will be fine. let us know how you go...

How did you go today at the hospital?

Amanda and Oscar (22 Feb 05)

Hi Pamela,
I had the same thing as you when I was pregnant with my first bub.
I had an ultrasound at 19 weeks and they told me it was laying low so I had to have another one at 34 weeks and the idiots that did the ultrasound told me that it had moved up. But in my case NO IT DIDN'T.
It just means that you have to have bubby 2 weeks before due date by cesarian.
I was trying to have my baby naturally when they found that I was bleeding alot, the baby wasn't moving down and my blood pressure was through the roof. They realised that that the placenta was still covering cervix so she wasn't able to come out.
Its nothing really to be scared about......I know it means that you can't have a natural delivery but bubby will be coming out nicely anyway.
I am now pregnant with my 2nd (only 7 weeks) but I was told that I am to have another cesarian at 2 weeks before hand. As my placenta was actually attached to my uterus and they had to operate on me so this time around they will have to keep an eye on me. I'm not scared at all.
Good luck with it all!!

QLD, Mum to Chloe 16.05.04 + Caiden 25.08.06

Actualy i was told that my placenta is also low,but it was just mentioned very quickly and didn't think much of it,i have heared that it moves alot during pregnancy and i am only 28 weeks so i guess i have heaps of time.
Let me know how u go, keep smiling!!!Sueanne.


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