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Headaches & Other Paind Lock Rss

I have suffered a little from morning sickness, more the feeling of wanting to be sick not actually being sick which is worse. I also am suffering from headaches. Does anyone know what drugs are safe to take during pregnancy?
how many weeks are you now you can have panamax paracetamol but see your doctor first..if you want to talk send me a Email on [email protected] is it your first one i was the same has you if your not working tried to have a rest to get your headaches..

[email protected] plainland qld

Hi Brooksy,

I'm 19 weeks pregnant. I too have suffered from morning sickness & headaches. I'm sorry to say the only tablets we can take are panadol and maybe some vitamins. The catch though is to discuss all this with your doctor. they can put you on the right track. Apparently the reason for the headaches sometime can be hormonal changes.

I hope you get better soon

G'day I suffered morning sickness with both my children but with my second I suffered with migraines! This isn't unusal for me as I suffer from them often! The only thing the doctor said I could have was paracetamol...a Big Bummer as this never works on me at the best of times!!

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I am 11 weeks pregnant with my second child and I too have had nausea (the feeling of wanting to be sick) and headaches. It usually happens if I haven't eaten for a while or had a drink for a while. I find if I eat small amounts and drink small amounts regulary this reduces those nasty symptoms. I don't take any medications when I am pregnant... that is my personal choice. The only thing I took in my first pregnancy was mylanta for the terrible heartburn / reflux I suffered in the 3rd trimester.

If you must take anything for your discomfort, the only thing safe is paracetamol (panadol) strictly by the instructions on the pack. DO NOT TAKE ASPRIN as it can thin the blood.

Goodluck and try other methods of relief before turning to any medications.

Michelle smile
dont take anything herbal. and panadol is all you can have thats it.

ask your doc to confirm this but thats all thats allowed

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