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carpal tunnel symptons Lock Rss

Hi, I have just discovered at 21 weeks preggers that I have developed carpal tunnel symptons in my fingers on my right hand. I never had this with my first pregnancy but apparently it is quite common and "usually" disappears after birth. Does anyone else experience this?? I get tingling, pins and needles and numbness in my fingers, while it's not stopping me from doing anything just yet I have been told it might get worse as the pregnancy progresses. I also get achy hands too and is a very odd sensation!



Everything you have written and described I had with DS from 26 weeks. It is horrible isn't!! I bought a wrist guard from the chemist and wore that especially at night time and it did help. It applied pressure to the nerve or what ever causes it in your wrist. And yes you are right as soon as I had DS the next day i realised that i had no tingly hands over night. I am currently 24 weeks with #2 and hope i dont get it again.

Good Luck

Sheree, QLD Dylan 3/6/06 & Heath 5/9/08

Know the feeling. but luckly for you ladies you've only got it during pregnancy. I had carpal tunnel even before i fell pregnant. wrist guards are great, and keeping your wrists and hands warm helps too. i always find i get worse in winter, along with my RSI and tennis elbow. i really got th crappy genes from my mum. lol.

Good Luck and stay warm over the cold months!!!

Paige 23/5/06 Tyler 27/11/08

Hi - Thanks girls! I also happen to live in one of the coldest parts of New Zealand (country South Island) and we are in for a cold, snowy winter so I suspect it could be a long and painful pregnancy ahead, a good excuse to finish work early perhaps and just sit in front of the fire all day!

Thanks again, I really appreciate your comments, am off today to buy a wrist guard smile



i'm glad i found this, i was just going to post myself about it lol!!! i had it with my first pregnancy and it was just horrible and i thought i'd gotten away with it this time but nooooooo it started on the weekend and i'm nearly 28weeks.

This time it feels completely different, i had all the symptoms you ladies described for my first pregnancy but this time its more a direct pain just on the inside of my wrist, i have a doc appointment on monday but for those that have had it in more than one pregnancy was it the same symptoms every time?


I had really Bad carpal tunnel when i was pregnant with my DS#2 i had to use a special guard and i had physo every week.

I had my son 13 days ago and it has gone away i don't have any pain.

Hang in there it will go away after birth.

Good luck


just wondering if you girls think this might be carpal tunnel( i cant get in to see the dr till tomorrow)

about a week ago i started to get this dull aching pain in my wrist and hand and over the last 2days i cant hold anything or pick anything up now today i have been having this tingling/burning sensation from my wrist all the way up2 my fingers. i have also noticed a little bit of swelling around my wrist.

does this sound at all familar to any of you ladies?



i had carpal tunnel in my left hand with my son. Omg it was painful. it went about 1-2mths after he was born. I just hope i dont get it this time round!

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