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Sport and Pregnancy Lock Rss

Hello, I am currently 18weeks pregnant, and for the first time, and once a week take active part in Aqua-aerobics, as I believe keeping fit is important. I have also just found out my sister is pregnant too (6weeeks). She has just started Touch-Footy (played three games only) and wants to continue playing. Her doctor says it is ok. I think it is too dangerous.
I was wondering if anyone had some feed back as to sport they have played while pregnant? or any comments?
We need help resolving this dispute!

Rach/mum of Nick

I think your sister is irresponsible. During pregnancy it is unwise to shake the baby around too much as this can lead to brain growth abnormalities or a misscarriage. Her doctor should be telling her contact sport is dangerous. It is only 9 months of her life. Having to look after a disabled kid for the rest of her life will take her out of Touch-footy anyway. you are right and she is WRONG! smile

Cathy, m of 3 boys, trying for #4.

Thank for your feedback Cathy, I really appreciated it smile
Goodluck with trying for the fourth!

Rach/mum of Nick

hi Rach,
I did water sports through out both my pregnancies and also did a lot of walking and I had 2 quick labours 1 and a half hrs for my son and 2 and half for my daughter both were trouble free and i put it down to being active during pregnancy. Good luck with your pregnancy and coming baby
Hi Rach, A friend of mine was a very active person before she fell pregnant. She continued to play netball until she was 20 weeks pregnant. But she wasnt very big. I was told by another lady before I was pregnant to walk. She said she walked and walked before during and after her pregnancy. She said she had 3 children and sailed through her labours and she was back into shape in no time.
I wouldnt be taking too many risks but dont ask me I put on so much weight whilst pregnant 14 months later I am still trying to loose it!!! Good luck.
Hi Rach,
With my first pregnancy I played in my basketball Grand Final while I was 22 weeks pregnant and ran 3 days a week until that time. I also did weights, swimming and walking until my daughter was born. I had a great pregnancy and birth and returned to my original weight easily. I have always been active and believe that this helped me have a very healthy girl who absolutely loves motion, the water and being outside. It is important though to listen to what your body is saying and not push past boudaries or warning signs. I am sure that she will be able to make the decision on when it is not safe to play anymore. GOODLUCK TO BOTH OF YOU ON A SAFE AND HEALTHY PREGNANCY.

Lisa, VIC, 17mth girl, Preg with No. 2

I think that everyone's pregnancy is a very individual thing & that this should be taken into consideration. I am a Personal Trainer & have a VERY HEALTHY, ACTIVE, 2yr old baby girl. During my pregnancy I swam 3km several times per week & cycled almost evey day till the child's birth. I also ran till I was 7 months & played oztag (very similar to touch footy) till I was 6 and a half months. Basically I listened to MY BODY & was aware of the changes & when things needed to alter. My body was very used to this type of activity & by keeping active i found that i mentally coped well both before & after the child's birth. I am now 8 weeks pregnant again & intend on following the same regime. My little girl trains with me nearly every day & I am very lucky to have such a well behaved child. Hoping that this may give you a little more insight into the importance of exercise & pregnancy. Obviously this would not apply to every individual, especially if they had never exercised prior to becoming pregnant.


Well said Jeza. Its a very individual thing. Doctors will stay don't start something you have never done before, but its ok to continue most sports that you regularly do - your pregnant, not sick! I played netball until I was 20 weeks and I rode my horse until I was 24 weeks. I knew when it was time to stop. If my horse had been young or untrained I would not have ridden her, but she is well trained and I felt completely safe on her. I also think she knew I was pregnant as she never put a foot wrong the entire time I was pregnant. My daughter is a beautiful healthy child and I am certain she did not suffer from me playing sport or riding. She probably was rocked to sleep from the motion of the horse. A friends doctor also told her that babies are tougher than we think. Many women have fallen off their horses and bub has been fine. They have a nice tight grip on that womb smile

Mum to DD 08.08.03 and DS 12.05.05

It is TOUCH Football and is actually a sport for people to play relaxing, unless you have found the sport to be at all rough then she should leave, but while your sister feels compfortable playing you should stand by her side and be there "just in case"

Alot of women continue to do numerous of sports while pregnant, i do dancing, which does put alot of movement - - - but my doctor adores that i am keeping up and not loosing my energy...... as long as i do not do nothing strenious.

I dont think you would like someone to judge you for Aqua Aerobics - which does put alot of movement on the baby............

Think of what your sister wants, i doubt she would choose anything to put her baby your niece/nephew in danger
I think you just have to listen to your body and what is right for you.

I continued teaching aerobics until only week 7 and yoga till 21 weeks. I work full-time though so I just couldn't keep my hectic schedule of working all day and then instructing at night while combating the tiredness that comes with pregnancy.

An instructor at my gym however continued teaching aerobics (high intensity) and yoga until 2 weeks before her bub was born and she and baby were fine.

Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

I agree with most of the people who have replied it is DEFINATELY an individual thing. I played touch till i was three months pregnant but then decided as it was mixed touch (men and women) and sometimes the guys got a bit rough it was time for me to stop. I dont think you should tell her to stop just make sure that she listens to her body and her bub, cause both will indicate when its time to call it quits.

Jay, Auckland, twin boys 30.6.04

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