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Dry cuticles Rss

Does anyone have a remedy to cute dry cuticles?? Since I have been pregnant I have had the most shocking dry cuticles, I keep picking and biting them off (yuk!). Anyone got anything I can try??
you can get cuticle oil in the same area as all the other nail stuff, just check with a chemist/g.p. whether you can use it as I know alot of nail stuff is a no go while pregnant but would assume the oil is fine. Also get yourself some good cuticle cutters, your biting is making it worse and if you cut it is better for the cuticle, although the oil should make a noticable difference. Good luck my friend.

Christopher 08/10/05 William 30/12/08

Hello. I am a newbie in nails industry. After 23 years, I've retired from old job, and I am looking forward to start working as a manicurist. This is my hobby since I was young. Can you recommend me which are the best products? What gel polish, nail lamp, scissors etc. should I use? I've found many reviews here regarding the best nail products. Are these really the best products? Please advise. Thank you!
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