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Bleeding (Spotting) is this ok?. Lock Rss

Hi there I had a miscarriage in Sept and I am apparently pregnant with No 2. The reason I say apparently is that about 1 week after getting postive preg test result I bleed alot about as much as you would loose on about day 2 of a period it stopped after a few hours and ultrasound detected no baby sac or pole nothing. they said it could have been to early I got more blood that confirmed all okay since then I have had two more spot bleeds is this ok what can it mean?.

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I hgad a miss carriage in July i'm now 15 weeks but i had the same thing happen with this pregnancy my doctor said that any bleed is not a good thing but the baby was fine I had to wait until i was 6 weeks before i could see if the baby was ok it was the longest two weeks of my life. try and relax and get plenty of rest.

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